Chile releases results of large-scale CoronaVac study
Chile has released the results of a large-scale study of China’s CoronaVac vaccine, showing that it is 80 per cent effective at preventing deaths in people who would otherwise have died, and protects two-thirds of those who are fully immunised against infection. Chile’s experience is being closely watched because it is a world leader in vaccinations. It has inoculated 7.6m people, or half its target population, with at least one dose and 5.1m with a second dose. The south American nation is relying mainly on SinoVac’s CoronaVac vaccine, whose effectiveness has come under scrutiny after China’s top disease control official Gao Fu said last weekend that his country’s vaccines “don’t have very high rates of protection”. He later said his comments had been misinterpreted. The Chilean health ministry concluded from its study that “in a scenario of high epidemiological activity and in vulnerable groups, the vaccine studied [CoronaVac] protects against symptomatic infection by Sars-Covid-2, as well as against the most serious forms of the disease.” The results showed that, two weeks after a second dose, the Chinese vaccine had prevented 85 per cent of hospitalisations and 89 per cent of intensive care transfers in those who would otherwise have had them. Concerns had been raised in Chile about a rapid rise in infections and hospital admissions over the past few weeks despite the extensive vaccination programme. However, health ministry figures showed that most of those falling seriously ill were under-50s, many of whom have yet to be vaccinated. The figures also underlined the importance of receiving both shots of the Chinese vaccine, with protection levels far lower after only the first dose.
智利公布了对中国CoronaVac疫苗的大规模研究结果,结果显示,该疫苗能有效防止本来会死亡的人的死亡,并能保护三分之二的完全免疫者免受感染。 智利的经验受到密切关注,因为它在疫苗接种方面处于世界领先地位。它已经为760万人(即目标人口的一半)接种了至少一剂疫苗,为510万人接种了第二剂疫苗。 这个南美国家主要依靠SinoVac公司的CoronaVac疫苗,在中国最高疾病控制官员高福上周末表示中国的疫苗 "保护率不高 "之后,其有效性受到了审查。他后来说他的评论被误解了。 智利卫生部从研究中得出结论,"在流行病活动频繁的情况下,在弱势群体中,所研究的疫苗[CoronaVac]可以防止Sars-Covid-2的症状性感染,也可以防止最严重的疾病形式。" 结果显示,在第二次注射两周后,中国疫苗已经防止了85%的住院和89%的重症监护转院,否则这些人就会有这些疾病。 在智利,人们担心,尽管实施了广泛的疫苗接种计划,但过去几周内感染和住院人数迅速上升。然而,卫生部的数据显示,大多数重病患者都是50岁以下的人,其中许多人尚未接种疫苗。 这些数字还强调了接种两针中国疫苗的重要性,因为只接种第一针疫苗的保护水平就会大大降低。
Brazil distributes intubation kits flown in from China
Brazil has begun distributing an emergency batch of intubation medicines flown in from China, with hospitals around the country running out of vital supplies for treating Covid-19 patients on ventilators. As it grapples with a second wave of coronavirus that is deadlier than the first, Latin America’s largest nation is scrambling to secure medication for sedating people who require invasive mechanical breathing support. The situation has led to fears among medical professionals that patients could wake up while still intubated. An initial shipment of 2.3m intubation ‘kits’, which contain sedatives, muscular neuroblockers and analgesic opioids manufactured in China, landed in São Paulo late on Thursday evening. They were purchased and donated to Brazil’s public health system by a group of companies including Petrobras, Vale, Engie, Itaú Unibanco, Klabin and Raízen. A further 1.1m kits are expected by the end of the month. The shortage follows Brazil’s difficulties obtaining adequate vaccine ingredients and doses, while earlier in the year oxygen canisters had to be airlifted to the Amazonian city of Manaus after it was overwhelmed by an explosion in Covid infections. Following criticism of president Jair Bolsonaro’s response to the pandemic, the country’s Senate this week launched a probe into his administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. So far 365,000 people have died from the disease in Brazil, the second-highest death toll after the US, or 11th on a per capita basis. The latest government figures showed new Covid cases decreased slightly to 73,174 over the previous 24 hours. Despite a fall in daily fatalities since hitting a record last week, the numbers were still elevated at 3,560. Intensive care wards in more than half of Brazil’s states have occupancy rates above 90 per cent, according to the biomedical institute Fiocruz.
巴西已经开始分发从中国空运过来的一批紧急插管药物,全国各地的医院已经没有了治疗使用呼吸机的Covid-19患者的重要物资。 由于它正在努力应对比第一波更致命的冠状病毒的第二波,拉丁美洲最大的国家正在争分夺秒地确保需要侵入性机械呼吸支持的人的镇静药物。 这种情况导致医疗专业人员担心,病人可能会在插管时醒来。 首批230万个插管 "包 "于周四晚些时候登陆圣保罗,其中包含中国制造的镇静剂、肌肉神经阻滞剂和镇痛阿片类药物。它们是由巴西石油公司、淡水河谷公司、Engie公司、Itaú Unibanco公司、Klabin公司和Raízen公司等多家公司购买并捐赠给巴西公共卫生系统的。预计到本月底还将有110万个药包。 在巴西难以获得足够的疫苗成分和剂量之后,出现了短缺,而在今年早些时候,亚马逊城市马瑙斯因Covid感染爆炸而不堪重负,不得不将氧气罐空运到该市。 在批评总统海尔-博尔索纳罗(Jair Bolsonaro)对疫情的反应后,该国参议院本周对其政府处理冠状病毒危机的情况展开调查。 截至目前,巴西已有36.5万人死于该病,是仅次于美国的第二高死亡人数,按人均计算则排在第11位。 政府最新数据显示,新的Covid病例比前24小时略微下降至73174例。尽管日死亡人数自上周创下纪录后有所下降,但数字仍提升至3,560人。 根据生物医学研究所Fiocruz的数据,巴西一半以上的州的重症监护病房占用率超过90%。
England records lower growth rate of Covid-19 infections
The rate of new infections in England has slowed slightly since last week, according to the latest government figures, which suggest that every ten people with Covid-19 will infect between seven and 10 people. The R value, which represents the average number of people one person with Covid-19 is likely to go on and infect, has dropped marginally to between 0.7 and 1 from 0.8 to 1 the week before. The number of new infections in the UK is still shrinking, by between -6 and -1 per cent every day, according to the data, down from -4 to 0 per cent the week before. The R value and growth rate of new infections are being closely watched by scientists and government officials, who have said all further relaxations of lockdown restrictions will depend on infection rates remaining under control. Scientific advisers have warned it will take at least four weeks before the full effect of reopening sectors of the economy begins to show in data on the rate of infections. The growth rate and R number were highest in London, which had an R value of 0.8 to 1.1 and a growth rate of -5 to 0, and lowest in the North West and South East.
根据政府的最新数据,英格兰的新感染率自上周以来略有放缓,这表明每10个Covid-19患者将感染7至10人。 R值代表了一个科维德-19患者可能继续感染的平均人数,从前一周的0.8至1小幅下降至0.7至1之间。 数据显示,英国新感染人数仍在缩减,每天缩减幅度在-6%至-1%之间,从前一周的-4%至0%下降。 科学家和政府官员正在密切关注新感染者的R值和增长率,他们表示,所有进一步放松封锁限制的措施都将取决于感染率是否仍然受到控制。科学顾问警告说,至少需要四周时间,经济部门重新开放的全部效果才会开始在感染率的数据上显现出来。 伦敦的增长率和R数最高,R值为0.8~1.1,增长率为-5~0,西北部和东南部最低。
Moderna to cut vaccine deliveries to UK and Canada
Moderna has warned that it will deliver fewer than expected vaccines to the UK, Canada and some other countries, after a shortfall in production in its European supply chain. The Boston-based biotech said on Friday that it will reduce the number of doses it is sending to the UK from April, impacting its target for the second quarter. Moderna manufactures vaccines for markets outside the US in a Swiss plant run by contract manufacturer Lonza, and fills vials for the UK and the EU in Spain.  “The trajectory of vaccine manufacturing ramp-up is not linear, and despite best efforts, there is a shortfall in previously estimated doses from the European supply chain,” the company said in a statement. “Vaccine manufacturing is a highly complex process and a number of elements, including human and material resources have factored into this volatility.” The dip in supplies comes as deliveries of the Johnson & Johnson shot have been paused in the EU, and many countries have restricted who can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, both because of concerns about a connection with a rare blood clotting side effect. In the UK, people under 30 years old were set to receive Moderna or BioNTech/Pfizer shots after guidance that they could be more at risk of the side effect.
Moderna警告称,在其欧洲供应链出现生产短缺后,其向英国、加拿大和其他一些国家交付的疫苗数量将低于预期。 这家总部位于波士顿的生物技术公司周五表示,将从4月起减少向英国发送的剂量,影响其第二季度的目标。Moderna在合同制造商Lonza运营的一家瑞士工厂为美国以外的市场生产疫苗,并在西班牙为英国和欧盟灌装小瓶。  "疫苗制造提升的轨迹并不是线性的,尽管做出了最大的努力,但欧洲供应链之前估计的剂量仍有不足,"该公司在一份声明中表示。"疫苗制造是一个高度复杂的过程,包括人力和物力资源在内的许多因素都是造成这种波动的因素。" 在供应量下滑的同时,欧盟已经暂停了强生疫苗的交付,许多国家也限制了哪些人可以接种阿斯利康疫苗,这都是因为担心与一种罕见的血液凝固副作用有关。  在英国,30岁以下的人被安排接受Moderna或BioNTech/辉瑞的注射,因为经过指导,他们可能更容易受到副作用的影响。
US consumer sentiment rises on improving personal finances
Americans continued to grow more optimistic in early April, encouraged by the ongoing rollout of coronavirus vaccines and the arrival of fresh stimulus payments. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index rose to 86.5, up from 84.9 at the end of the previous month and marking the highest reading since late March 2020. Improving economic conditions drove the index’s gains, particularly when compared to year-ago conditions that included the impact of coronavirus shutdowns. While consumers’ view of the economic outlook remained unchanged, half of respondents said they expected lower unemployment, the highest level ever recorded by the survey. Consumers “reported surging economic growth and strong job gains due to record stimulus spending, low interest rates, and the positive impact of vaccinations,” Richard Curtin, chief economist for the university’s consumer surveys, said. Data on Thursday showed that US retail sales jumped in March by the second-biggest margin on record, and jobless claims last week fell to their lowest level of the pandemic. “Other factors suppressed the pace of expected gains, including persistent concerns with vaccine safety as well as a surge in year-ahead inflation expectations to 3.7 per cent, the highest level in nearly a decade,” Curtin said. Consumer sentiment remains below pre-pandemic levels of 95.9 in early March 2020 and a final reading of 101 in February of last year. “Today’s numbers jibe with March stimulus payments and strong spending, but also point to uncertainty about the economy later this year,” Robert Frick, corporate economist at Navy Federal Credit Union, said.
美国人在4月初继续变得更加乐观,受到冠状病毒疫苗的持续推广和新的刺激付款的到来的鼓舞。 密歇根大学的消费者情绪指数从上月末的84.9升至86.5,并创下2020年3月底以来的最高读数。 经济状况的改善推动了该指数的上涨,特别是与包括冠状病毒停产影响在内的去年同期状况相比。虽然消费者对经济前景的看法没有改变,但有一半的受访者表示,他们预计失业率会降低,这是调查有史以来的最高水平。 消费者 "报告称,由于创纪录的刺激支出、低利率以及疫苗接种的积极影响,经济增长激增,就业岗位增加强劲,"该大学消费者调查的首席经济学家Richard Curtin说。 周四的数据显示,美国3月零售销售跳升幅度创下历史第二大,上周申请失业救济人数降至疫情最低水平。 "其他因素压制了预期的涨幅,包括对疫苗安全的持续担忧,以及年内通胀预期激增至3.7%,为近十年来最高水平,"Curtin称。 消费者情绪仍然低于流行前的水平,2020年3月初为95.9,去年2月的终值为101。 "今天的数据与3月份的刺激支付和强劲的支出相吻合,但也指出了今年晚些时候经济的不确定性,"海军联邦信用社的企业经济学家Robert Frick说。
Biden administration to allocate $1.7bn to target Covid variants
Joe Biden’s administration will invest $1.7bn in federal funds to tackle Covid-19 variants, as public health experts warn that new strains of the virus could drive up infections even as more Americans are vaccinated. The White House announced on Friday that it was allocating $1.7bn from the American Rescue Plan, the $1.9tn economic relief package Biden signed into law last month, to fight the variants, the bulk of which will support increasing US capacity for genomic sequencing. Scientists use genomic sequencing to identify every gene in the virus, creating a series of letters. They then look for differences in the sequence and try to understand if these mutations change how the virus behaves.  Experts say US genomic sequencing capacity has lagged behind that of the UK, hampering American efforts to detect and respond to the emergence of new variants such as B.1.1.7, which was first detected in Britain last year and has now become the predominant strain in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By early December, the UK had tracked virus mutations in about 9 per cent of tests, according to the Covid-19 Genomics UK Consortium. The CDC said in late December that the US had sequenced only about 0.3 per cent of tests. The Biden administration on Friday said the funding would be allocated through the CDC to help the federal public health agency and state and local authorities track variants spreading throughout the US. The White House said $1bn would be spent on expanding genomic sequencing, with another $400m used to launch partnerships between state health departments and academic institutions, and $300m to beef up the data system that stores and shares information about the virus and its spread. Read more here
乔-拜登的政府将投入17亿美元的联邦基金来应对Covid-19变种,因为公共卫生专家警告说,即使有更多的美国人接种疫苗,新的病毒株也会使感染率上升。 白宫上周五宣布,从拜登上个月签署成为法律的19亿美元经济救济计划 "美国救援计划 "中拨出17亿美元用于对抗变异体,其中大部分资金将支持提高美国的基因组测序能力。科学家使用基因组测序来识别病毒中的每个基因,创建一系列字母。然后,他们寻找序列中的差异,并试图了解这些变异是否改变了病毒的行为方式。  专家表示,美国的基因组测序能力已经落后于英国,阻碍了美国人检测和应对新变种出现的努力,比如B.1.1.7,根据美国疾病控制和预防中心的数据,这种病毒去年在英国首次被检测到,现在已经成为美国的主要病毒株。根据Covid-19基因组学英国联盟的数据,到12月初,英国已经追踪到约9%的检测中的病毒突变。美国疾控中心12月底表示,美国仅对约0.3%的检测进行了测序。 拜登政府周五表示,将通过CDC分配资金,帮助联邦公共卫生机构和州及地方当局追踪在美国各地蔓延的变异。 白宫表示,10亿美元将用于扩大基因组测序,另外4亿美元用于启动各州卫生部门和学术机构之间的合作关系,3亿美元用于加强存储和共享病毒及其传播信息的数据系统。 点击这里阅读更多
Merkel receives AstraZeneca vaccine
Angela Merkel has received the AstraZeneca vaccination, in a vote of confidence in a jab that is only being administered to over-60s in Germany. “I'm glad that I received the first dose of AstraZeneca today,” the chancellor said. “I thank everyone who is involved in the vaccination campaign, and everyone who is being vaccinated.” “Vaccination is the key to overcoming the pandemic,” she added. Unlike some other world leaders, Merkel did not publish a photo of herself getting the shot: instead her spokesman Steffen Seibert tweeted a photo of her vaccination certificate. The German finance minister and deputy chancellor Olaf Scholz also received his AstraZeneca jab on Friday. “Every vaccination brings the moment of us overcoming the corona pandemic closer,” he tweeted.
安格拉-默克尔已经接受了阿斯利康疫苗接种,这是对德国60岁以上老人才接种的疫苗的信任投票。 "我很高兴今天接受了第一剂阿斯利康疫苗,"总理说。"我感谢每一个参与疫苗接种活动的人,以及每一个正在接受疫苗接种的人。" "疫苗接种是克服疫情的关键,"她补充道。 与其他一些世界领导人不同的是,默克尔没有公布自己接种疫苗的照片:相反,她的发言人斯特芬-塞伯特在推特上发布了一张她的疫苗接种证书的照片。 德国财政部长兼副总理奥拉夫-肖尔茨(Olaf Scholz)也在周五接受了阿斯利康的注射。他在推特上写道:“每一次接种疫苗都让我们克服电晕大流行的时刻更近了”。
US housing starts jump to quickest pace since 2006
The construction of new homes in the US hit its quickest pace in almost 15 years last month, rebounding more than expected from a snowy February that kept builders on the sidelines. Housing starts accelerated in March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.74m, a 19.4 per cent increase over February, the Census Department said on Friday. That was well ahead of the 1.61m forecast from economists polled by Reuters and marked the highest level since June 2006. In February, housing starts slipped 11.3 per cent as builders grappled with severe winter weather in Texas and other parts of the US. Homebuilders have also come under pressure from rising lumber and land costs, as well as mortgage rates that have edged up from record lows hit early this year. But robust home sales and a shortage of available properties have put new homes in high demand. Mortgage rates also remain historically low at an average of 3 per cent for 30-year loans, according to Freddie Mac data. “Very low mortgage rates and families looking for more space are fueling demand and more than offsetting the impact of labor market turmoil and sharply higher prices,” said Joshua Shapiro, chief US economist at MFR. Building permits, used as gauge of future construction, rose 2.7 per cent to an annual rate of 1.77m, compared with a February rate of 1.72m that was 8.8 per cent lower than January. Permits for only single-family homes were up 4.6 per cent. Analysts at Oxford Economics said they “expect the pace of housing starts to moderate slightly over the balance of 2021” but project a 6 per cent increase for the full year.
美国上个月的新房建设创下近15年来的最快速度,从2月份的大雪天气中反弹,使建筑商处于观望状态,反弹幅度超过预期。 人口普查局周五表示,3月份房屋开工加速,经季节性调整后的年率为174万套,比2月份增长19.4%。这远高于接受路透调查的经济学家预测的161万,并创下2006年6月以来的最高水平。 2月份,房屋开工率下滑了11.3%,因为建筑商在德克萨斯州和美国其他地区努力应对恶劣的冬季天气。 建房商还受到木材和土地成本上涨的压力,以及抵押贷款利率从今年年初创下的纪录低点微升。 但强劲的房屋销售和可售房源的短缺,使得新房需求旺盛。房地美数据显示,30年期贷款的抵押贷款利率也仍然处于历史低位,平均为3%。 "极低的抵押贷款利率和寻求更多空间的家庭刺激了需求,超过了劳动力市场动荡和价格大幅上涨的影响,"MFR美国首席经济学家Joshua Shapiro说。 作为衡量未来建筑业的指标的建筑许可增长2.7%,年率为177万,而2月的年率为172万,比1月低8.8%。仅单户住宅的许可量上升了4.6%。 牛津经济公司的分析师表示,他们 "预计在2021年余下的时间里,房屋开工速度将略微放缓",但预计全年将增长6%。
Australia reports first death with ‘assumed’ link to AstraZeneca vaccine
澳大利亚报告了首例 "假定 "与阿斯利康疫苗有关的死亡病例-|-澳大利亚报道了首例“假定”与阿斯利康疫苗有关的死亡病例-|-澳大利亚报告了“假设”链接到Astrazeneca疫苗的第一次死亡
Australia has reported its first death from blood clots that were “likely to be linked” to side effects from a coronavirus vaccine. Four days after receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab in New South Wales, a 48-year-old woman was admitted to hospital, where she died, with an extensive thromboembolic event and thrombocytopenia. The regulators’ investigation concluded that a causative link to the vaccine should “be assumed at this time”, they said at a meeting late on Friday. The health department’s review of the case was complicated by the patient's underlying medical conditions, including “diabetes, some other medical conditions as well as some atypical features”, the Therapeutic Goods Administration said. This is the third Australian report of a case of blood clots following an AstraZeneca vaccine. The first two cases are being treated in hospital and “have been recovering well”.
澳大利亚报告了首例因血栓而死亡的病例,"很可能与 "冠状病毒疫苗的副作用有关。 在新南威尔士州,一名48岁的妇女在接受牛津/阿斯利康注射疫苗4天后,因广泛的血栓栓塞事件和血小板减少而入院,并在医院死亡。 监管机构的调查结论是,“目前应该假设与疫苗的因果关系”,他们在周五晚些时候的一次会议上说。 治疗商品管理局表示,由于患者的基本医疗条件,包括 "糖尿病、一些其他医疗条件以及一些非典型特征",卫生部门对该病例的审查变得复杂。 这是澳大利亚报告的第三例使用阿斯利康疫苗后出现血栓的病例。前两例正在医院接受治疗,“恢复情况良好”。
Morgan Stanley’s near $1bn Archegos hit dents record quarterly earnings
摩根士丹利近10亿美元的Archegos创下季度盈利纪录-|-摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)近10亿美元的创投令其创纪录的季度收益缩水-|-摩根士丹利的近1亿美元的Archegos命中诗纪录季度收益
Morgan Stanley has recorded a $911m hit from the blow-up last month of Archegos, Bill Hwang’s family office, which has caused billions of dollars of losses across global investment banks. The hit was a blemish on the Wall Street bank’s record first quarter, which was driven by a surge in dealmaking, trading and wealth management income. The quarterly earnings follow record profits in 2020, a jarring contrast with the havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Shares, which have more than doubled from their pandemic low a year ago, have risen 18 per cent this year, outpacing the 11 per cent advance in the S&P 500. The US banking group on Friday reported a $644m credit loss and $267m of trading losses relating to “a single prime brokerage client”, which a Morgan Stanley spokesperson later confirmed was Archegos. Morgan Stanley posted overall net income of $4.1bn in the fourth quarter, versus $1.7bn a year earlier, according to a filing on Friday. That translated into earnings per share of $2.19, beating analysts’ expectations for $1.72 a share, according to FactSet. We “delivered record results”, said chief executive officer James Gorman. “The integrated investment bank continues to thrive . . . [and] wealth management brought in record flows of $105bn. The firm is very well positioned for growth.” Read more here.
摩根士丹利上个月因比尔-黄的家族办公室Archegos的爆仓而录得9.11亿美元的打击,导致全球投行损失数十亿美元。 这一打击是这家华尔街银行创纪录的第一季度的一个污点,该季度是由交易、交易和财富管理收入激增推动的。 季度财报之后,2020年利润创纪录,与冠状病毒大流行造成的破坏形成鲜明对比。股价从一年前的流行病低点上涨了一倍多,今年已经上涨了18%,超过了标普500指数11%的涨幅。 这家美国银行集团上周五公布了6.44亿美元的信贷损失和2.67亿美元的交易损失,这些损失与 "单一的首要经纪客户 "有关,摩根士丹利发言人随后证实该客户为Archegos。 据周五的一份文件显示,摩根士丹利第四季度整体净收入为41亿美元,而去年同期为17亿美元。根据FactSet的数据,这转化为每股收益2.19美元,超过分析师预期的每股1.72美元。 首席执行官James Gorman表示,我们“交付了创纪录的业绩”。"综合投资银行继续蓬勃发展...。  财富管理带来了创纪录的1,050亿美元流量。公司的发展定位非常明确。" 在此阅读更多内容。
Weekly UK infections decline but uncertainty prompts officials to urge caution
Coronavirus infections have dropped across the UK, according to the national weekly survey, which is likely to bolster confidence in the government’s move to relax its latest lockdown this week. In England, an estimated 112,600 people tested positive for Covid-19 in the week ending April 10, equating to around one in 480 people, down from one in 340 people the week before, the Office for National Statistics said on Friday. Infections dropped in Wales (one in 920 people), Scotland (one in 500 people) and in Northern Ireland (one in 710 people). In England, the percentage of people testing positive decreased in Yorkshire and The Humber and the South East, while trends were less clear in other regions. Rates of infection decreased in every age group except for secondary school children and those aged 50 to 69 years old, where the trend was harder to ascertain. “It is encouraging that across the UK we have seen a decrease in the percentage of people testing positive in the latest time period, with rates now similar to what we saw in early September last year,” an ONS spokesperson said. “Across England there was a mixed picture,” the ONS said. “Whilst we saw decreases in some regions, the majority of regions’ trends remain uncertain, underlining the continuing need for caution.”
根据全国性的每周调查,英国各地的冠状病毒感染率都有所下降,这很可能会增强人们对政府本周放松最新封锁行动的信心。 英国国家统计局上周五表示,在截至4月10日的一周内,估计有112,600人检测出Covid-19阳性,相当于每480人中就有一人感染,低于前一周的每340人中就有一人感染。 威尔士(920人中有一人)、苏格兰(500人中有一人)和北爱尔兰(710人中有一人)的感染率下降。 在英格兰,约克郡和亨伯郡及东南部地区的检测阳性的人的百分比下降,而其他地区的趋势不太明显。 除了中学生和50岁至69岁的人群外,每个年龄组的感染率都有所下降,而这些人群的趋势较难确定。 "令人鼓舞的是,在整个英国,我们看到最近一段时间内,测试阳性的人的比例有所下降,现在的比率与去年9月初的情况相似,"国家统计局发言人说。 "在整个英格兰,情况参差不齐,"国家统计局说。"虽然我们在一些地区看到了下降,但大多数地区的趋势仍然不确定,这凸显了继续保持谨慎的必要性。"
Exercise can help protect against severe Covid, US research shows
美国研究显示,运动有助于预防严重的Covid-|-美国研究显示,锻炼有助于预防严重的Covid - 19-|-锻炼可以帮助防止严重的Covid,美国研究表演
Regular exercise can help to stave off the worst coronavirus symptoms, according to findings that have prompted researchers to urge governments and authorities to do more to encourage people to be active. A US paper, released this week, concluded that Covid-19 patients who were “consistently inactive” had a greater risk of hospitalisation, admission to intensive care, and death than those who regularly met physical activity guidelines. The findings, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, provide “additional rationale and motivation” for people to be more physically active and for communities to design environments that are more conducive to routine exercise, especially during the pandemic. “Efforts should be made to enable and encourage regular physical activity as a means of protecting individuals from severe Covid-19 outcomes,” the paper said. Coronavirus-induced restrictions have kept people at home, closed gyms and parks and constrained travel around the world, making it harder to motivate people to exercise. “Consistently meeting physical activity guidelines was strongly associated with reduced odds for severe Covid-19 among infected adults,” the paper said, especially when compared with those who were being consistently inactive. “Even activity levels that did not meet guidelines were significantly associated with reduced odds of hospitalisation and death,” the paper said. The study documented the health records of nearly 50,000 patients, who tested positive from January 1 to October 21 2020, in the two years up to the pandemic-induced lockdown of March 2020. US guidelines urge people to engage in at least 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
根据研究结果,定期锻炼有助于抵御最严重的冠状病毒症状,这促使研究人员敦促政府和当局采取更多措施,鼓励人们积极锻炼。 美国本周发布的一篇论文认为,"持续不活动 "的冠状病毒-19患者比那些经常满足体育活动指南的患者住院、进入重症监护室和死亡的风险更大。 发表在《英国运动医学杂志》上的这一研究结果,为人们加强体育锻炼,为社区设计更有利于日常锻炼的环境提供了“额外的理由和动力”,尤其是在流行期间。 "应努力促成并鼓励定期进行体育锻炼,作为保护个人免受严重Covid-19结果的手段,"论文说。 冠状病毒引起的限制使人们呆在家里,关闭了健身房和公园,并限制了世界各地的旅行,这使得人们更难激励人们锻炼。 "持续满足身体活动指南与受感染的成年人中严重Covid-19的几率降低密切相关,"论文说,特别是与那些持续不活动的人相比。 "即使是不符合指南的活动水平也与住院和死亡的几率降低显著相关,"论文说。 该研究记录了近5万名患者的健康记录,这些患者从2020年1月1日至10月21日,在2020年3月大流行引起的封锁之前的两年内,他们的检测结果呈阳性。 美国指南敦促人们每周至少进行150分钟的中度到剧烈的身体活动。
US government bonds steady as European shares hit new highs
US government bonds steadied on Friday after a rally in the previous session, while stock bourses in Europe climbed to new peaks as investors weighed data from the world’s two biggest economies. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond was flat at 1.583 per cent. The equivalent German bond yield added 0.02 percentage points to minus 0.28 per cent. Bond yields move inversely to prices. US retail sales rose in March by the most in 10 months while the number of Americans filing for new unemployment benefits fell to a post-pandemic low of 576,000 last week, figures published on Thursday showed. But Treasuries, whose fixed interest payments are eroded by inflation, were snapped up after the data were released, confounding analysts who normally would have expected the upbeat data to be bearish. The government bond market may be receiving a temporary boost, said Lombard Odier chief economist Samy Chaar, by haven buying after US president Joe Biden imposed sanctions on Russia and Chinese state-backed distressed debt manager Huarong Asset Management’s bonds plummeted in recent days. Dennis DeBusschere, head of portfolio strategy at Evercore ISI, noted that he had received a “ton of questions” from clients regarding the abrupt Treasuries move. Stock markets, which had rallied in the previous session in a reaction that Daiwa economist Chris Scicluna pegged to Thursday’s “inexplicable decline in Treasury yields”, resumed their climb on Friday after China reported record quarterly GDP figures. Europe’s Stoxx 600 index rose 0.3 per cent, touching a new record high. The UK’s FTSE 100 index, which has large weightings of miners and energy producers, added 0.4 per cent, exceeding 7,000 for the first time. Brent crude, the international oil benchmark, added 0.4 per cent to $67.19. Read more here.
美国政府债券在上一交易日反弹后周五企稳,欧洲股市则攀升至新高,因投资者权衡全球两大经济体的数据。 基准10年期国债收益率持平于1.583%。相当于德债收益率增加0.02个百分点至负0.28%。债券收益率与物价反向变动。 周四公布的数据显示,美国3月零售销售创10个月来最大增幅,同时上周美国人申请新的失业救济人数降至57.6万人,创流行病后新低。但数据公布后,固定利息支付被通胀侵蚀的国债被抢购一空,这让通常预期数据向好的分析师感到困惑。 Lombard Odier首席经济学家Samy Chaar表示,在美国总统拜登对俄罗斯实施制裁后,避风港买盘,以及中国国有支持的不良债务管理公司华融资产管理公司的债券近几日暴跌,政府债券市场可能得到暂时的提振。Evercore ISI投资组合策略主管Dennis DeBusschere指出,他收到了客户关于国债突然走势的“大量问题”。 大和经济学家Chris Scicluna将此反应与周四 "国债收益率莫名其妙的下跌 "挂钩,股市在前一个交易日反弹,但在中国公布创纪录的季度GDP数据后,股市周五恢复攀升。 欧洲Stoxx 600指数上涨0.3%,触及历史新高。矿商和能源生产商权重较大的英国富时100指数上涨0.4%,首次超过7000点。国际石油基准布伦特原油上涨0.4%,至67.19美元。 点击这里阅读更多内容。
Ukraine receives first batch of free vaccines from Covax facility
Ukraine received 117,00 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccines on Friday, the first of a delayed batch of free jabs provided through the World Health Organization-backed Covax facility. The shipment arrived at Kyiv’s airport as Ukraine faces rising Covid-19 cases and struggles to secure and swiftly administer vaccines to its 41m population. As of Friday, the country had administered at least one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine to about 433,000 people, with 5 people having received the full two shots. Ukraine was sent 500,000 doses earlier this year. The eastern European country has also received 215,000 doses of the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine, the rollout of which began this week. It is only the second vaccine contracted by the government to have been delivered so far. UNICEF, which procures and supplies cost-free vaccines for Ukraine from different manufacturers through Covax, said in a statement that it expects to cover up to 20 per cent of the country’s population this year. “Today, an important step was made to protect those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill and even dying from Covid-19,” said Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF’s representative in Ukraine. “We hope for a quick and effective vaccination, otherwise people will continue losing loved ones and the medical system will remain overwhelmed,” she added. Health minister Maksym Stepanov said the government hopes the majority of the population will have been vaccinated by the end of the year. Ukraine largely avoided the pandemic's first wave last spring, but cases have surged in recent weeks as lockdown restrictions have loosened. The virus has claimed the lives of 39,096 Ukrainians including 438 in the last 24 hours.
乌克兰上周五收到了117,000剂辉瑞/生物技术公司的冠状病毒疫苗,这是通过世界卫生组织支持的Covax设施提供的第一批延迟的免费注射疫苗。 这批货物抵达基辅机场时,乌克兰正面临着不断上升的Covid-19病例,并努力确保和迅速为其4100万人口管理疫苗。 截至周五,该国已为约43.3万人接种了至少一剂阿斯利康疫苗,其中5人已接种了全部两剂。乌克兰在今年早些时候被送去了50万剂疫苗。 这个东欧国家还收到了21.5万剂中国产的CoronaVac疫苗,该疫苗本周开始推广。这只是迄今为止政府签约交付的第二种疫苗。 联合国儿童基金会通过Covax从不同的制造商那里为乌克兰采购并免费供应疫苗,它在一份声明中说,预计今年将覆盖乌克兰多达20%的人口。 "今天,我们迈出了重要的一步,以保护那些因Covid-19而患重病甚至死亡的高危人群,"联合国儿童基金会驻乌克兰代表洛塔-西尔万德说。 "我们希望能够快速有效地接种疫苗,否则人们将继续失去亲人,医疗系统仍将不堪重负。"她补充道。 卫生部长马克西姆-斯捷潘诺夫说,政府希望大多数人在年底前都能接种疫苗。 乌克兰去年春天基本上避免了疫情的第一波,但最近几周随着封锁限制的放松,病例激增。该病毒已经夺走了39096名乌克兰人的生命,其中包括过去24小时内的438人。
Gyms: adapting to physical demands
Investors are pumped up about US gym stocks. Shares in budget gym chain Planet Fitness have more than doubled over the past 12 months to trade near their pre-Covid-19 highs. Elsewhere, the parent company behind SoulCycle, the spin class pioneer, is reported to be in talks to merge with a blank-cheque company at a $7bn valuation. Yet banking on gyms and fitness centres to spring back once vaccines make them safe is premature.  The pandemic hit the US fitness sector hard. The industry generated just $15bn in revenue last year, a 57 per cent drop from the record $35bn in 2019, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. Chains including Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide and New York Sports Clubs owner Town Sports International were among those that filed for bankruptcy protection in 2020. 
Meanwhile, at-home workouts have exploded as the coronavirus pandemic shifted workouts to living rooms and balconies.  Peloton, maker of pricey internet-connected exercise bikes, has been the biggest beneficiary of the trend. Revenues more than doubled to $1.8bn in the six months to the end of December. The stock, down more than a fifth since the start of the year, is still up 330 per cent since the start of 2020, to give the company a $36bn market valuation. Workout-from-home habits will not disappear overnight. One sample survey found that more than half of Americans who cancelled gym memberships during the pandemic do not plan to return. But gyms will not go the way of video renter Blockbusters either. Covid-19 has accelerated adoption of a hybrid model of online/in-person workouts that traditional gyms can retain even after the pandemic ends. SoulCycle has launched its own at-home bikes with virtual classes and started running outdoor classes. Gyms that can best marry the two for their endorphin-craving members will be in the best shape. Our popular newsletter for premium subscribers Best of Lex is published twice weekly. Please sign up here
投资者对美国健身股热情高涨。廉价健身连锁店Planet Fitness的股价在过去12个月里翻了一倍多,接近新冠疫情前的高点。另据报道,动感单车先驱SoulCycle的母公司正与一家空白支票公司谈判,计划以70亿美元的估值合并。 然而,一旦疫苗让健身房和健身中心变得安全,指望它们立即满血复活还为时过早。 新冠疫情给美国健身行业带来了沉重打击。根据IHRSA的数据,该行业去年的营收仅为150亿美元,较2019年创纪录的350亿美元下降57%。Gold 's Gym、24 Hour Fitness Worldwide 以及 New York Sports Clubs的所有者Town Sports International等连锁店均在2020年申请了破产保护。
与此同时,居家锻炼已经呈现爆发式增长,因为疫情让人们将锻炼场景转移向客厅和阳台。 价格不菲的互联网健身自行车制造商Peloton是这一趋势的最大受益者。在截至去年12月底的6个月里,该公司营收增长逾一倍,至18亿美元。自今年初以来,该公司的股价已下跌逾五分之一,但仍比2020年初上涨330%,使得公司市值达到360亿美元。 居家锻炼的习惯不会在一夜之间消失。一项抽样调查发现,在新冠疫情期间取消健身会员卡的美国人中,有一半以上不打算再回来。 但健身房也不会走视频租赁企业百视达(Blockbusters)的老路。新冠疫情加速了“在线/面对面锻炼”混合模式的应用,传统健身房即便在疫情结束后也可以保留这种模式。SoulCycle已经推出了自带虚拟课程的家庭健身单车,并开始开办户外课程。对于渴望内啡肽的会员们来说,能将两者结合得最好的健身房,就是他们最中意的选择。
Global infection rates approach highest level since start of pandemic, says WHO
The global number of Covid-19 cases detected per week has nearly doubled over the past two months, the director of the World Health Organization has said, with infection rates approaching the highest level since the pandemic began. “Cases and deaths are continuing to increase at worrying rates,” WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference on Friday. More than 4.5m cases were recorded worldwide in the week beginning April 5, the health body said, an increase of 11.8 per cent on the previous seven-day period. That shows infections have rebounded since more than 5m infections were reported in the week beginning January 4, at the pandemic’s peak. “Some countries that had previously avoided widespread Covid-19 transmission are now seeing steep increases in infections,” Tedros said. The situation in Papua New Guinea, which has reported more than 9,300 cases since the beginning of the year, was “particularly” concerning, he added. When 2021 dawned, the island nation in the Pacific had reported fewer than 900 cases and nine deaths, he said. Since then, it has registered 82 coronavirus-related deaths. “While these numbers are still smaller than other countries, the increase is sharp and the WHO is very concerned about the potential for a much larger epidemic,” Tedros said. Papua New Guinea had administered 197 vaccine doses by April 2, the WHO said. The country this week received 132,000 jabs from the Covax facility, a WHO-backed initiative to send Covid-19 shots to developing countries.
世界卫生组织主任表示,过去两个月,全球每周发现的Covid-19病例数量几乎翻了一番,感染率接近流行病开始以来的最高水平。 "病例和死亡人数正以令人担忧的速度继续增加,"世卫组织总干事特德罗斯-阿达诺姆-格布雷耶苏斯周五在新闻发布会上说。 该卫生机构说,在4月5日开始的一周内,全球记录了450多万例病例,比前七天增加了11.8%。这表明,自1月4日开始的一周,即疫情高峰期,报告了500多万例感染病例以来,感染率有所回升。 "一些之前避免了Covid-19大范围传播的国家,现在感染率陡然上升,"泰德罗斯说。 他补充说,巴布亚新几内亚的情况 "特别 "令人担忧,该国自年初以来报告了9300多例病例。他说,当2021年黎明时,这个太平洋岛国报告了不到900个病例和9人死亡。从那时起,它已经登记了82例冠状病毒相关的死亡病例。 "虽然这些数字仍然小于其他国家,但增长急剧,世卫组织非常担心可能出现更大规模的流行病,"泰德罗斯说。 世卫组织说,截至4月2日,巴布亚新几内亚已经注射了197剂疫苗。该国本周收到了来自Covax设施的13.2万支疫苗,这是世卫组织支持的向发展中国家发送Covid-19疫苗的举措。
Denmark to re-open restaurants, shopping centres and museums ahead of schedule
Denmark is to re-open more parts of its economy earlier than first scheduled as the fall in Covid-19 cases means the Scandinavian country is one of the most advanced in the EU on its return to normality. Restaurants, cafés and bars can re-open from Wednesday for customers indoors if they have a valid “corona passport” showing proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. Big shopping centres and museums can also open while spectators can return for football matches and more indoor sport is allowed. Denmark also laid out a timetable for eliminating the limits on gatherings both indoors and outdoors. The limit will be abolished outdoors by June 11 and indoors by August 1.
丹麦将比最初计划的时间更早地重新开放其经济的更多部分,因为Covid-19病例的下降意味着斯堪的纳维亚国家是欧盟中恢复正常状态最先进的国家之一。 餐馆、咖啡馆和酒吧可以从周三开始为室内的顾客重新开放,如果他们持有有效的“电晕护照”,显示疫苗接种证明或最近的阴性测试。 大型购物中心和博物馆也可以开放,同时观众可以回来观看足球比赛,更多的室内运动也被允许。 丹麦还制定了取消室内外集会限制的时间表。6月11日前将取消室外限制,8月1日前取消室内限制。
UK population growth slows to lowest rate since 2003
UK population growth slowed in mid-2020 to the lowest rate since 2003 reflecting a higher number of deaths during the pandemic, fewer births and net migration turning negative since the first lockdown, according to official statistics. This early indicator of UK population size suggests that by June 30 2020 the UK population grew to 67.1m, a 0.5 per cent increase from mid-2019, down from a 0.6 per cent increase in the previous year and below the 0.84 per cent at its peak in mid-2011. More people left the UK than arrived between March and June 2020, reflecting the impact of the pandemic on international migration. Overall between July 2019 and June 2020, net migration dropped to 282,300 people, down nearly 70,000 people from the previous year. The ONS combined its latest estimates on international migration and population statistics to provide early insights into the possible size of the UK population in 2020, but it warned that they are not official population estimates for mid-2020. Earlier in the year, the government-funded Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), had estimated that up to 1.3m people born abroad left the UK between the third quarter of 2019 and the same period in 2020. Population and migration statistics are subject to greater uncertainty than usual because of the difficulties in conducting official surveys during the pandemic.
据官方统计,英国人口增长在2020年中期放缓至2003年以来的最低速度,反映出英国人口在大流行期间的死亡人数较多,出生人数较少,净移民人数自首次锁定以来转为负数。 这个英国人口规模的早期指标表明,到2020年6月30日,英国人口增长到6710万,比2019年年中增长0.5%,低于上一年0.6%的增幅,也低于2011年年中高峰时的0.84%。 2020年3月至6月期间,离开英国的人数多于到达英国的人数,反映出疫情对国际移民的影响。 总体而言,2019年7月至2020年6月期间,净移民人数降至28.23万人,比前一年减少近7万人。 英国国家统计局综合了国际移民和人口统计的最新估计,提前了解了2020年英国可能的人口规模,但它警告说,这些数据不是2020年中期的官方人口估计。 今年早些时候,政府资助的卓越经济统计中心(ESCoE),曾估计2019年第三季度至2020年同期,有多达130万在国外出生的人离开英国。 由于大流行期间官方调查困难重重,人口和移民统计数据比平时有更大的不确定性。
Daimler boosted by strong Chinese demand
Strong demand for Mercedes-Benz cars, particularly in China, helped Daimler to beat expectations in the first quarter, marking a further sign of recovery in the global car industry. Adjusted earnings before interest and tax were €4.9bn, significantly higher than the €3.9bn projected by analysts, the company said on Friday. Although Asia’s largest economy was singled out as a driver of earnings, the company hailed “favourable sales momentum” across all major regions. Cost cutting had also helped, it said. Chief executive Ola Källenius said the company continued “to execute on our ambitions in a very encouraging market environment”. The company, like most car manufacturers, was badly hurt by a collapse in demand caused by the pandemic. Friday’s announcement was further evidence that the worst of the crisis may be behind them, however. Earlier this month, Daimler said first-quarter sales of its Mercedes-Benz cars leapt by 22 per cent to 590,000 on the back of strong demand from China and the US, as well as for plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Shares in the company are their highest level for five years. Daimler’s announcement came as registrations for new passenger cars in the EU during the first quarter rose by 3.2 per cent to 2.6m units compared with the same period last year, according to The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association. Much of that was down to a strong jump in March, when new car registrations were 87 per cent higher than in March 2020.
对梅赛德斯-奔驰汽车的强劲需求,尤其是中国市场的需求,帮助戴姆勒一季度业绩超出预期,标志着全球汽车行业的复苏进一步显现。 该公司上周五表示,调整后的息税前利润为49亿欧元,大幅高于分析师预计的39亿欧元。 虽然亚洲最大的经济体被单独列为盈利的驱动力,但该公司对所有主要地区的 "有利的销售势头 "表示欢迎。该公司表示,成本削减也有帮助。 首席执行官Ola Källenius说,公司继续“在一个非常令人鼓舞的市场环境中执行我们的目标”。 该公司与大多数汽车制造商一样,因疫情导致的需求崩溃而受到严重伤害。不过,周五的公告进一步证明,最坏的危机可能已经过去了。 本月早些时候,戴姆勒表示,由于中国和美国的强劲需求,以及对插电式混合动力汽车和全电动汽车的需求,其梅赛德斯-奔驰汽车的第一季度销量猛增22%,达到59万辆。 该公司的股价是五年来的最高水平。 根据欧洲汽车制造商协会的数据,戴姆勒宣布第一季度欧盟新乘用车的注册量比去年同期增长3.2%,达到260万辆。 其中很大程度上归功于3月份的强劲增长,当时的新车注册量比2020年3月高出87%。
HelloFresh shares jump after online meal-kit provider upgrades guidance
Shares in HelloFresh have jumped as much as 8 per cent after the German online meal-kit provider upgraded its full-year guidance. The shares headed towards an all-time high in Frankfurt on Friday, hours after the Berlin-based group upgraded guidance following improved growth in customer numbers in the first quarter. The shares recently peeled back their initial jump to trade about 3 per cent higher in early trading in Frankfurt. The company’s shares have quadrupled since January 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged people stuck at home to experiment in home dining. The group, which sells recipes and ingredients in pre-packed portions and sends them directly to consumers, predicts that sales will rise between 35 per cent and 45 per cent for the year on a constant currency basis, it said in a statement late on Thursday. That is up from its previous guidance of 20 per cent to 25 per cent. Consolidated sales for the first quarter are likely to rise to between €1.435bn and €1.445bn, “significantly” exceeding the latest market expectations of €1.174bn. The group generated €699m of sales in the same three months a year ago. HelloFresh “experienced a more favourable than expected customer growth during the first quarter of 2021 and continued high order rates”, it said in Thursday’s statement. Adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation for the quarter will climb to between €155m and €165m, it said.
HelloFresh的股价在德国在线餐包供应商上调其全年指导意见后跳涨了8%。 该股周五在法兰克福走向历史新高,此前该总部位于柏林的集团在第一季度客户数量增长改善后上调了指导意见。最近,该股在法兰克福早盘交易中剥离了最初的涨幅,上涨约3%。 该公司的股价自2020年1月以来已经翻了四倍,因为冠状病毒大流行鼓励被困在家里的人尝试家庭餐饮。 该集团在周四晚些时候的一份声明中表示,该集团以预包装的方式销售食谱和配料,并直接将它们发送给消费者,预计今年的销售额将在固定货币基础上增长35%至45%。这高于其此前20%至25%的指导意见。 第一季度的综合销售额有可能上升至14.35亿欧元至14.45亿欧元之间,"大大 "超过市场最新预期的11.74亿欧元。该集团在去年同期的三个月中创造了6.99亿欧元的销售额。 HelloFresh在周四的声明中表示,"在2021年第一季度,客户增长比预期更有利,订单率持续走高"。 该公司表示,本季度调整后的利息、税收、折旧和摊销前收益将攀升至1.55亿欧元至1.65亿欧元之间。



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