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A recipe for a successful career transformation


A recipe for a successful career transformation

It is not uncommon for young professionals in their first few years to realize that their ‘job’ may not be answering what they need or desire. Some might be bogged down with financial burden, self-doubt, a sense of unpreparedness or misfit. Others might feel powerless because of corporate glass ceilings, bureaucracy, or limited personal and professional growth opportunities. In fact, PwC Millennials at Work showed that over 50% of millennials put growth and development first, before pay or benefits.

For those that find themselves at such a crossroad, finding a ‘career’ that satisfies their need for growth, learning and self-fulfilment may seem just out of their reach. Fortunately, in a world of endless change and possibilities, career transformation is an option within reach of most.

With the right preparation, anyone can break or circumvent glass ceilings, value mismatch and skill gaps. Career transformation is about realizing a personal vision of change, unleashing potential and taking ownership of one’s future. With such high stakes, it is worth putting the time and effort to plan out a personal development strategy, integrating guidance and advice from others.

Career transformation strategy starts from a deep understanding of the self. This is as much about skills benchmarking as it is about holding up a mirror and building the courage to explore sources of anxiety and drivers of energy. This self-finding journey is at the core of developing a personal purpose and vision and the foundation of establishing a meaningful career.

An important stop in this journey is scoping options and developing a good understanding of the opportunities that are available. This means learning about different industries, functions and career paths. It is also about understanding current megatrends that govern the present world, and the future they may bring. Equipped with external and internal perspectives, exploring fit and creating an ideal career path might get closer in view.

Equally important is to take action and obtain needed skills to bridge the gap between where a person is and the future one desires. These can be technical skills or leadership skills or both. Doing this on the back of a good understanding of self and the environment will spare ambitious career seekers the time and effort wasted in taking on courses and learning that don’t strategically enhance their career or satisfies their development time.

No career can be transformed in isolation; without meeting people, promoting capabilities, pushing the limits and putting oneself ‘out there’. Networking is a skill that requires as much as attention as any other, and often, can make it or break an opportunity. It is most beneficial when done smartly, on platforms that bring relevant influential people closer together.

Starting a career transformation journey is synonymous with life transformation, and it takes a significant time investment, yet, when done strategically, it is extremely satisfying.

There are programmes that are specially designed to answer such needs, and can provide a quicker path to realizing ones’ vision. If you are in need of help launching a successful career transformation story, read more about PwC You Plus programme.


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