Wednesday, 15 February 2017 | 2017年2月15日,星期三

Registration: 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. | Program: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Including Lunch)

签名登记: 上午八時三十分至九時正 | 会议时间: 上午九時正至下午四時三十分(将设午餐招待)

Location | 地点:

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

No.88, Haide Yi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen



To Register or Enquiries | 报名或其他查询:

陈德颖小姐 (Grace Chan)



We invite you to join industry and thought leaders as they discuss how and why Shenzhen has become a truly innovative tech powerhouse. And the opportunities and challenges China's tech companies will encounter as they expand outside of China. Topics to be discussed include:

• Why Shenzhen now? How did Shenzhen become the most innovative place on earth?

• Has Israel become an idea incubator for Chinese companies? What Chinese companies need to know about investing in Israel

• Are China’s innovative payment, insurance and investing systems ready to go global? What risks do Chinese companies face taking these disruptive technologies global?

• The future of entertainment is technology – What can China teach and what can China learn

• Human genomics and life sciences: why is China leading the way? 7 ways these revolutionary advances will change our lives

• Words of wisdom for young entrepreneurs: advice from seasoned venture capitalists

• Outbound investment: 9 things Chinese companies should know before they spread their wings


• 深圳为何能够成为全球最具创新精神的城市?

• 以色列是否已经成为中国公司的概念孵化器?中国公司投资以色列须知

• 中国创新的支付、保险和投资系统是否已经做好准备走向全球?中国公司将这些突破性科技推广至全球将面对什么风险?

• 娱乐业的未来要依托科技- 中国的经验与借鉴‎

• 人类基因与生命科学:中国为何走在最前沿?这些革命性的进步将改变我们生活的七种方式

• 给年轻企业家的箴言:资深风险投资人的忠告

• 境外投资:中国公司“走出去”须知

Raising Capital in US Markets: Advice for Chinese Tech Companies
Wenchi Hu(胡文琦), Associate Director, US Securities and Exchange Commission (To be confirmed)

The Eyes of Future Robots: Fusing Laser and Camera
Dr. Michael Guo, Founder/CEO, GreenValley International

China’s Fintech Business Model
James Zheng(郑锡贵), Chief Financial Officer, Lufax


Opportunities in China for Radical Innovation
Luming Zhou (周路明)
, President, Space Institute of Southern China 

Why the Internet of Things is a Big Deal—And Why That is Good For Shenzhen
Duncan Turner
, General Partner, SOSV; Managing Director, HAX Accelerator 

The Technological Revolution in China’s Automotive Industry
Michael J. Dunne, CEO, Dunne Automotive 

How New Technologies Like Big Data and Drones Can Help Transform Disease Control
Robert Peckham, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong; Director and Founder, Centre for the Humanities and Medicine