Epstein’s accusers to pursue his estate following death


Jeffrey Epstein’s death ended the criminal case against him, but lawyers for his alleged victims have vowed to pursue the multimillionaire’s estate to seek justice.

杰弗里•爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的死亡结束了针对他的刑事案件,但他的疑似受害者的律师誓言要向这位富豪的遗产求偿,以寻求正义。

The 66-year-old money manager died on Saturday while awaiting trial on charges that he sex trafficked underage girls. He was being held in jail in Manhattan and his death was “an apparent suicide”, the Department of Justice said.


In court filings, Epstein had listed his net wealth at $559m, including the mansions in New York and Florida where prosecutors said he abused girls as young as 14 years old. Attorneys said they would fight to ensure Epstein’s assets were used to compensate his alleged victims.


“I can promise you I will get to them on behalf of my client, come hell or high water,” said Roberta Kaplan, an attorney who represents one of Epstein’s alleged victims referenced in his recent indictment.

“我可以向你保证,我会代表我的客户针对那些财富打官司,无论困难有多大,”代表最近一份起诉书中提到的爱泼斯坦的疑似受害者之一的律师罗伯塔•卡普兰(Roberta Kaplan)表示。

Epstein had been arrested last month and indicted by the US attorney’s office for the southern district of New York. The case came more than a decade after he escaped federal charges in 2007 with a controversial plea deal that allowed him to plead guilty to less serious state offences.


He ultimately served just 13 months in a county jail, much of it on work release, and none of his alleged co-conspirators faced any charges. On Saturday, Geoffrey Berman, the Manhattan US attorney, made clear that his office was continuing to investigate associates of Epstein.

他最终在县监狱服刑仅13个月,其中大部分时间还得到监外工作待遇,而且他的疑似同谋者未曾面临任何指控。上周六,曼哈顿联邦检察官杰弗里•伯曼(Geoffrey Berman)明确表示,他的办公室正在继续调查爱泼斯坦的同伙。

“Our investigation of the conduct charged in the indictment — which included a conspiracy count — remains ongoing,” he said in a statement.


The FBI and the justice department’s inspector-general are investigating Epstein’s sudden death, which came after an incident last month when he was found unresponsive in his cell with marks on his neck.


He had been placed on suicide watch following that incident but was taken off watch before his death, according to a person familiar with the matter. The reasons for that decision are not clear.


Epstein’s wealth had long been shrouded in mystery, with new details about his links to billionaires such as Les Wexner and Leon Black coming to light in recent weeks following his arrest.

爱泼斯坦的财富长期笼罩在神秘之中,在他被捕后的最近几周,有关他与亿万富翁——如莱斯•韦克斯纳(Les Wexner)和莱昂•布莱克(Leon Black)——之间关系的新细节曝光。

The administration of Epstein’s estate following his death should shed further light on Epstein’s finances and business dealings, according to Spencer Kuvin, who represented three of Epstein’s victims in the 2007 case in Florida.

在2007年佛罗里达州案件中代表爱泼斯坦的三名受害者的律师斯潘塞•库文(Spencer Kuvin)表示,爱泼斯坦死后,对他的遗产的管理将让外界进一步了解他的财产和商业活动。

“You’ll find in the coming months numerous people that were investing with him that you’ll be shocked to learn,” he said. “This is going to open a whole new chapter.”


It is not clear if Epstein had a will or who the beneficiaries may be. In court filings last month, he named his brother Mark as a co-surety of his bond as he tried to seek bail.


Typically, estates are administered in the state where the deceased resided at their time of death. Whoever is appointed to administer the estate will have to locate and collect together Epstein’s assets.


Epstein may have chosen a personal representative to administer his estate after his death, a selection that could be contested by his accusers, Mr Kuvin said.


On MSNBC on Saturday, Lisa Bloom, who represents two of Epstein’s alleged victims, called on the administrator of Epstein’s estate to freeze his assets “so his victims can get full and fair compensation for the life-long injuries he caused them”.

上周六,代表爱泼斯坦的两名疑似受害者的律师莉萨•布卢姆(Lisa Bloom)在MSNBC电视频道上呼吁爱泼斯坦的遗产管理人冻结他的资产,“以便他的受害者能够针对他对她们造成的终生伤害,获得全面和公平的赔偿”。

One challenge will be unravelling the complex web of foundations, trusts and other entities that Epstein controlled, according to Adam Horowitz, who settled civil lawsuits on behalf of Epstein’s victims following the 2007 plea deal.

在2007年的认罪协议达成后,亚当•霍罗威茨(Adam Horowitz)曾代表爱泼斯坦的受害者达成民事诉讼和解。据他介绍,挑战之一将是厘清爱泼斯坦控制的由基金会、信托基金和其他实体构成的复杂网络。

“He knew that people were bringing claims against him . . . he may well have shielded his assets,” said Mr Horowitz. “It wouldn’t surprise me if a large portion of his estate is protected,” he added.