US vaccination drive crosses 250m shots
The US has now administered more than 250m doses of coronavirus vaccines since the first shots were doled out in December, inoculating nearly 150m Americans with at least one jab. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday vaccine providers have given 252m shots out of 325m doses delivered. More than 149m people have received one or more doses, which covers 57 per cent of the adult population and 83 per cent of those over the age of 65. Almost 109m Americans are fully vaccinated, having received the single-shot regimen from Johnson & Johnson or two shots of either the Moderna or BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. The vaccination rate has continued to slow this week. The US has reported 2.1m new doses administered per day over the last week, compared with an average of 2.3m as of Monday and a peak of 3.4m in mid-April.
自12月发放第一批冠状病毒疫苗以来,美国现在已经接种了超过2.5亿剂疫苗,将近1.5亿美国人至少接种了一针。 美国疾病控制和预防中心周四表示,在3.25亿剂疫苗中,疫苗提供者已经注射了2.52亿剂。 超过1.49亿人接受了一剂或多剂疫苗,这涵盖了57%的成年人和83%的65岁以上的人。 近1.09亿美国人已经完全接种了疫苗,他们接受了强生公司的单次注射方案或两针Moderna或BioNTech/辉瑞公司的疫苗。 本周的疫苗接种率继续放缓。据报道,在过去的一周里,美国每天有210万新剂量的疫苗接种,而截至周一的平均数为230万,4月中旬的峰值为340万。
Expedia points to contrasts in travel recovery as results beat expectations
Expedia, the travel bookings company behind Orbitz and Travelocity, reported better than expected first-quarter results boosted by the vaccine rollout but said travel is a “study in contrasts” as certain segments improve while others remain depressed. Revenues fell 44 per cent from a year ago to $1.25bn, ahead of expectations for $1.1bn according to a Refinitiv survey of analysts. Gross bookings (the total retail value of transactions booked) fell 14 per cent, an improvement from the 67 per cent drop in the last three months of 2020. Its net loss attributable to shareholders narrowed to $606m or $4.17 a share, from $1.3bn or $9.24 a share in the same period a year ago. Adjusting for one-time items the company reported a loss of $2.02 a share, compared with analysts estimates for $2.31 a share. Rival Booking Holdings this week also reported an improvement in travel demand from the end of last year as easing lockdown restrictions and a ramp up in vaccinations unleashed pent-up travel demand. Expedia chief executive Peter Kern said “travel remains a study in contrasts — with strong vacation rental growth and demand for domestic travel continuing to drive us forward, while demand for international and business travel and conventional lodging remain challenged”. He said beach and outdoor destinations have seen strong growth while travel demand for major cities has remained soft. “As the vaccine rollout continues, we expect to see a now familiar story play out; domestic and leisure demand lead the recovery. However, as the dire situation in India reminds us, in some markets, things may get worse before they get better,” Kern said. Expedia shares were up 7 per cent in after-hours trade, more than recouping the 3.6 per cent decline during the regular trading session on Thursday.
Expedia是Orbitz和Travelocity背后的旅游预订公司,在疫苗推广的推动下报告了好于预期的第一季度业绩,但表示旅游是一项“反差很大的研究”,因为某些领域有所改善,而其他领域仍然低迷。 根据Refinitiv对分析师的调查,收入比一年前下降了44%,达到12.5亿美元,高于11亿美元的预期。总预订量(预订交易的总零售价值)下降14%,比2020年最后三个月下降67%有所改善。 其归属于股东的净亏损从去年同期的13亿美元或每股9.24美元缩小到6.06亿美元或每股4.17美元。对一次性项目进行调整后,该公司报告的损失为每股2.02美元,而分析师预计为每股2.31美元。 竞争对手Booking Holdings本周也报告了旅游需求比去年年底有所改善,因为禁闭限制的放宽和疫苗接种的增加释放了被压抑的旅游需求。 Expedia首席执行官Peter Kern说,"旅游仍然是一项对比鲜明的研究--强劲的度假租赁增长和国内旅游需求继续推动我们前进,而国际和商务旅行以及传统住宿的需求仍然受到挑战"。他说,海滩和户外目的地有强劲的增长,而主要城市的旅游需求仍然疲软。 "随着疫苗推广的继续,我们预计会看到一个现在熟悉的故事上演;国内和休闲需求引领复苏。然而,正如印度的严峻形势提醒我们的那样,在一些市场上,情况可能在好转之前就会变得更糟,"Kern说。 Expedia股价在盘后交易中上涨7%,超过了周四常规交易时段3.6%的跌幅。
Monster Beverage warns on aluminium can shortage and port congestion
怪物饮料公司就铝罐短缺和港口拥堵发出警告-|-怪兽饮料警告铝罐短缺和港口拥堵-|-Monster Beverage警告铝可以短缺和港口拥堵
Monster Beverage warned that it could run short of aluminium cans to house its energy drinks and that logistical issues like port congestion and the importation of key ingredients could have an adverse effect on supply of its products. Those issues took the gloss off a record first quarter for net sales and the company’s view that it did not expect the coronavirus pandemic would have a “material impact on the ability of its co-packers to manufacture and its bottlers/distributors to distribute its products” or its liquidity. Monster — which makes drinks with full-throated names like Burn, Relentless as well as Mother — today said its supply chain “remains largely intact”. It was, however, “experiencing shortages in its aluminum can requirements in North America and Europe, given the company’s volume growth and the current supply constraints in the aluminum can industry”. That is a change in tone from its full-year results, released three months ago, when it reiterated it was “continually addressing” the increase in its requirements for aluminium cans. Monster today said it has taken steps to source additional cans from South America and Asia, but logistical issues such as “ocean freight and port of entry congestion could delay such supply”. “Logistical issues in relation to the importation of certain other raw materials and ingredients could impact future supply,” Monster continued. Hilton Schlosberg, co-chief executive, said those “freight inefficiencies” resulted in higher costs of sales and increased operating expenses. That bit into profits. The company reported a 13 per cent rise in net income to $315.2m in the three months ended March 31, which fell short of Wall Street forecasts for $324.2m. Net sales, though, rose 17.1 per cent from a year ago to $1.24bn, which the company said was a record for a first quarter, and was just ahead of the $1.22bn forecast by analysts. Monster shares were down almost 6 per cent in after-hours trading on Thursday at $89.37. The stock closed at a record $98.68 on April 23.
怪兽饮料公司警告说,它可能会缺少容纳其能量饮料的铝罐,而且港口拥堵和关键成分的进口等物流问题可能对其产品的供应产生不利影响。 这些问题使第一季度创纪录的净销售额黯然失色,该公司认为,它预计冠状病毒大流行不会对 "其合作包装商的生产能力和装瓶商/分销商分销其产品的能力 "或其流动性产生实质性影响。 怪兽公司--它生产的饮料有Burn、Relentless以及Mother等完整的名字--今天说它的供应链“基本上保持完整”。然而,"鉴于公司的销量增长和铝罐行业目前的供应限制,它在北美和欧洲遇到了铝罐需求的短缺"。 这与三个月前发布的全年业绩相比,语气有所改变,当时它重申正在 "不断解决 "对铝罐需求的增长问题。 怪物公司今天说,它已采取措施从南美和亚洲采购更多的铝罐,但物流问题,如“海洋运输和港口拥堵可能会推迟这种供应”。 "与进口某些其他原材料和成分有关的物流问题可能会影响未来的供应,"Monster继续说。 联合首席执行官希尔顿-施洛斯伯格(Hilton Schlosberg)说,这些 "货运效率低下 "导致销售成本提高,运营费用增加。 这使利润受到影响。该公司报告说,在截至3月31日的三个月里,净收入增长了13%,达到3.152亿美元,没有达到华尔街预测的3.242亿美元。不过,净销售额比一年前增长了17.1%,达到12.4亿美元,该公司称这是第一季度的一个记录,并且刚刚超过分析师预测的12.2亿美元。 在周四的盘后交易中,Monster股价下跌近6%,报89.37美元。该股在4月23日的收盘价为创纪录的98.68美元。
A harrowing brush with Covid as India is ravaged
As a foreign correspondent, my job is to tell India’s stories, not be part of them. But when I started feeling feverish while writing an article about Covid-19 vaccine policy last month, I had a gut feeling that the Sars-Cov-2 virus had found me. I hoped it was exhaustion that I’d sleep off but the next day, still feverish, I was urged to take a Covid test. A leading diagnostic lab chain, which earlier had run an efficient home-testing service, had stopped answering its phones and responding to online requests. But a doctor friend persuaded one of the lab’s phlebotomists to collect my sample. Two days later, the results confirmed I was part of the ferocious coronavirus wave battering India and pushing its healthcare system to breaking point. Over the following days, my physical symptoms remained mild. But it was still harrowing to be sick from a notoriously unpredictable virus knowing that drugs, hospital beds and oxygen were scarce. I suffered constant anxiety knowing I’d struggle to get medical help if I took a turn for the worse. I quickly discovered that I’d been so focused on avoiding infection that I had no clue what to do once sick. A friend connected me to a Kolkata-based infectious disease specialist, who felt I was at low risk for severe illness. I’d had the first dose of a Covid vaccine 10 days before my fever started. But the doctor urged me to treat the illness aggressively from the start, given the chaos at hospitals. He prescribed the antiviral drug, favipiravir, now undergoing clinical trials in the UK as a potential Covid-19 therapy but already approved in India for emergency use. Many of his patients had taken it, he said, and none suffered severely, including people in their 90s. Normally, I’m reluctant to medicate. I knew favipiravir’s effectiveness as a coronavirus treatment wasn’t yet scientifically validated. But with hospitals turning away ailing patients, the logic of taking an experimental drug made sense. The challenge, I discovered, was to get hold of it. Read more here
作为一名外国记者,我的工作是讲述印度的故事,而不是成为故事的一部分。但是,当我上个月在写一篇关于Covid-19疫苗政策的文章时开始感到发烧,我有一种直觉,Sars-Cov-2病毒已经找到了我。 我希望这只是疲惫,我可以睡一觉,但第二天,我仍然发烧,我被敦促进行Covid测试。一家领先的连锁诊断实验室,早先曾提供高效的家庭测试服务,现在已经停止接听电话和回应在线请求。但是一位医生朋友说服了该实验室的一位抽血员为我采集样本。两天后,结果证实我是冲击印度并将其医疗系统推向崩溃点的凶猛冠状病毒浪潮中的一员。 在接下来的日子里,我的身体症状仍然很轻微。但是,在药物、病床和氧气都很稀缺的情况下,被一种出了名的不可预测的病毒感染,还是让人很痛苦。我不断地焦虑,因为我知道,如果我的情况恶化,我将很难得到医疗帮助。 我很快发现,我一直专注于避免感染,以至于一旦生病,我不知道该怎么做。一位朋友为我联系了一位加尔各答的传染病专家,他认为我患重病的风险很低。在我开始发烧前10天,我已经注射了第一针Covid疫苗。但鉴于医院的混乱情况,医生敦促我从一开始就积极治疗这种疾病。 他给我开了抗病毒药物favipiravir,这种药物目前正在英国进行临床试验,作为一种潜在的Covid-19疗法,但在印度已经被批准用于急救。他说,他的许多病人都服用过这种药物,没有人遭受严重的痛苦,包括90多岁的人。 通常情况下,我不太愿意用药。我知道favipiravir作为冠状病毒治疗的有效性还没有得到科学的验证。但在医院拒绝接受患病病人的情况下,服用一种实验性药物的逻辑是合理的。我发现,挑战在于如何获得它。 在此阅读更多信息
Bristol Myers Squibb CEO says support for patent waiver ‘very concerning’
百时美施贵宝CEO称支持专利豁免 "非常令人担忧-|-百时美施贵宝首席执行长表示,对放弃专利的支持“非常令人担忧”-|-Bristol Myers Squibb Ceo表示支持专利豁免“非常有关”
The chief executive of Bristol Myers Squibb called the US government’s support for the temporary waiver of Covid-19 vaccine patents “very concerning”, adding to the outcry from the pharmaceutical industry. “Our industry depends on intellectual property protection in order to invest in R&D and make the investments needed to address crises like Covid,” Giovanni Caforio told the FT US Pharma and Biotech Summit on Thursday. “The developments of the past 24 hours are very concerning and disappointing.” As well as being important during the coronavirus crisis, Caforio said that IP protection is “critical for some of the areas of higher medical need where BMS invests like cancer care”. Drugmakers and lobby groups have pushed back against Washington’s decision, arguing that suspending waivers creates a dangerous precedent that risks halting innovation in the sector.
百时美施贵宝公司的首席执行官称,美国政府支持临时放弃Covid-19疫苗专利的做法“非常令人担忧”,使制药业的呼声更加高涨。 "我们的行业依赖于知识产权保护,以便投资于研发,并进行必要的投资来解决像Covid这样的危机,"乔瓦尼-卡弗里奥周四在FT美国医药和生物技术峰会上说。"过去24小时的发展非常令人担忧和失望"。 除了在冠状病毒危机期间很重要之外,Caforio说,知识产权保护 "对于BMS投资的一些医疗需求较高的领域,如癌症治疗,至关重要"。 药品制造商和游说团体对华盛顿的决定进行了反击,认为暂停豁免创造了一个危险的先例,有可能使该行业的创新停止。
Merkel says US proposal on patent waiver would have ‘serious implications’ for vaccine production
默克尔称美国关于专利豁免的提案将对疫苗生产产生 "严重影响-|-默克尔说,美国关于专利豁免的提议将对疫苗生产产生“严重影响”-|-Merkel表示,美国专利豁免的提案将对疫苗生产具有“严重影响”
Angela Merkel has expressed opposition to the Biden administration’s proposal to suspend intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines, saying it would have “serious implications” for vaccine production worldwide. Germany’s chancellor said the limiting factors in vaccine supply were “production capacities and the high-quality standards, not the patents”. “The protection of intellectual property is a source of innovation and it must remain so in the future,” she added. Merkel was responding to President Joe Biden’s top trade adviser Katherine Tai who said that while the US “believes strongly” in IP protections, it would support a waiver of those rules for Covid-19 vaccines. A waiver would allow any pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world to make “copycat” vaccines without fear of being sued for infringing intellectual property rights. This is a developing story
安格拉-默克尔对拜登政府提出的暂停Covid-19疫苗的知识产权的建议表示反对,称这将对全世界的疫苗生产产生“严重影响”。 德国总理说,限制疫苗供应的因素是 "生产能力和高质量标准,而不是专利"。 "她补充说:"知识产权的保护是创新的源泉,在未来也必须如此。 默克尔是在回应乔-拜登总统的最高贸易顾问凯瑟琳-戴说,虽然美国 "强烈相信 "知识产权保护,但它将支持对Covid-19疫苗豁免这些规则。 豁免将允许世界上任何制药厂生产 "山寨 "疫苗,而不必担心因侵犯知识产权而被起诉。 这是一个发展中的故事
Kellogg boosts outlook as snack boom carries into 2021
Kellogg raised its full-year outlook after generating its strongest first-quarter sales in seven years, a sign of enduring demand for snacks and cereal more than a year after the pandemic led offices and schools to close. The company said on Thursday its net sales rose 5.1 per cent year on year to $3.6bn, surpassing analysts’ forecast of $3.4bn. Revenues were up 4.2 per cent on an organic basis. Kellogg, the purveyor of Cheez-It crackers, Pringles chips and Frosted Flakes cereal, now expects organic sales to finish the year about flat compared with 2020. It previously forecast a 1 per cent drop. Shares in Kellogg jumped 7.5 per cent to $67.77, putting the stock on track for its best one-day performance since March 2020. Snack sales have boomed during the pandemic with homebound consumers stocking their pantries with more chips and crackers. People are also eating breakfast at home more frequently, benefiting grocery staples like Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Corn Flakes and Eggo waffles. Steven Cahillane, chief executive, said on an earnings call that demand for food consumed at home remained elevated in the three months to April 3, more than offsetting ongoing weakness in away-from-home channels. Executives also noted that Kellogg raised prices, among other moves, in response to an accelerated rise in inflation. In some emerging markets, Kellogg took “significant” pricing action to cover increases in commodity costs, according to chief financial officer Amit Banati. Net sales in North America rose 2 per cent. Revenues were up 4 per cent and 10 per cent in Latin America and Europe, respectively. Kellogg earned $368m in net income, up from $347m a year earlier. Adjusted earnings of $1.11 a share beat Wall Street’s estimate of 96 cents. Currency-neutral adjusted earnings per share are estimated to rise between 1 and 2 per cent this year, compared with previous guidance for 1 per cent growth.
在创造了七年来最强劲的第一季度销售额之后,凯洛格公司提高了其全年展望,这表明在大流行病导致办公室和学校关闭一年多之后,人们对零食和谷类食品的需求依然存在。 该公司周四表示,其净销售额同比增长5.1%,达到36亿美元,超过了分析师预测的34亿美元。收入在有机基础上增长了4.2%。 凯洛格是Cheez-It饼干、Pringles薯片和Frosted Flakes麦片的销售商,现在预计今年的有机销售额将与2020年持平。该公司之前预测会下降1%。 凯洛格的股票跳涨7.5%,至67.77美元,使该股有望创下2020年3月以来的最佳单日表现。 零食销售在大流行期间蓬勃发展,在家的消费者在他们的储藏室里储备了更多的薯片和饼干。人们也更频繁地在家里吃早餐,使凯洛格公司的Froot Loops、Corn Flakes和Eggo waffles等杂货店主食受益。 首席执行官Steven Cahillane在财报电话会议上说,在截至4月3日的三个月里,对在家消费的食品的需求仍然很高,抵消了远离家的渠道的持续疲软。 高管们还指出,凯洛格公司提高了价格等举措,以应对通货膨胀的加速上升。据首席财务官Amit Banati称,在一些新兴市场,凯洛格采取了 "重大 "定价行动,以弥补商品成本的增加。 北美的净销售额增长了2%。拉丁美洲和欧洲的收入分别增长了4%和10%。 凯洛格的净收入为3.68亿美元,高于去年同期的3.47亿美元。调整后的每股收益为1.11美元,高于华尔街96美分的预期。 今年货币中性调整后的每股收益估计将增长1%到2%,而之前的指导是增长1%。
Brazil could run out of Coronavac doses as soon as next week
巴西可能最快于下周用完科罗纳瓦克的剂量-|-巴西最快下周就会用完corona avac-|-巴西可以在下周尽快耗尽冠状腺病剂量
Brazil could exhaust its supply of the Coronavac jab as soon as next week due to a shortage of critical ingredients from China, according to the head of the Butantan Institute, which is manufacturing the vaccine in the Latin American nation. “Our feeling is that there is difficulty, a bureaucracy that is being slower than usual with very low authorisations of volumes. We are at the mercy of this situation because we will not be able to actually deliver,” Dimas Covas said on Thursday. Many suspect that Beijing is deliberating slowing the delivery of the so-called active product ingredients to signal displeasure with President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been critical of China and has intimated that the virus was created deliberately in a laboratory. “It’s a new virus, nobody knows if it was born in the laboratory or by a human being [who] ingested an inappropriate animal. But it is there. The military knows what chemical, bacteriological and radiological warfare is. Are we not facing a new war? Which country grew its GDP the most?” the far-right populist president said this week. The comments followed remarks from Paulo Guedes, Brazil’s finance minister, who was caught on tape saying: “The Chinese invented the virus and their vaccine is less effective than the American one,” referring to the Chinese-developed Coronavac jab. In response, João Doria, the governor of São Paulo, said the “disastrous statements impact the release of inputs for the production of vaccines against Covid-19 in Brazil. Unfortunate.” More than 410,000 Brazilians have died of Covid-19 and the nation’s vaccination programme has been throttled by shortages of supplies and government mismanagement. To date, less than 15 per cent of the population have received at least one shot of either the Coronavac, AstraZeneca or Pfizer jabs. In response to Guedes’s comment, Yang Wanming, China’s ambassador to Brazil, highlighted that “Coronavac represented 84 per cent of the vaccines delivered in Brazil” and that China was the “principal supplier of vaccines and input ingredients”.
据在拉丁美洲国家生产该疫苗的Butantan研究所负责人称,由于来自中国的关键成分短缺,巴西可能最快在下周用完其Coronavac注射器的供应。 "我们的感觉是,存在困难,官僚机构比平常慢,授权量很低。迪马斯-科瓦斯星期四说:"我们受到这种情况的摆布,因为我们将无法实际交付。 许多人怀疑北京正在考虑放缓所谓的活性产品成分的交付,以示对总统Jair Bolsonaro的不满,他一直在批评中国,并暗示该病毒是在实验室中故意制造的。 "这是一种新的病毒,没有人知道它是在实验室里诞生的,还是由人类[摄取了不适当的动物]。但它就在那里。军方知道什么是化学战、细菌战和放射性战。我们是不是面临一场新的战争?哪个国家的GDP增长最多?"这位极右民粹主义总统本周说。 此前,巴西财政部长保罗-格德斯(Paulo Guedes)曾发表言论,他被拍到说 "中国人发明了这种病毒,他们的疫苗不如美国的有效,"他指的是中国开发的Coronavac注射器。 作为回应,圣保罗州州长João Doria说,"灾难性的声明影响了巴西生产Covid-19疫苗的投入的发布。不幸的是"。 超过41万名巴西人死于Covid-19,国家的疫苗接种计划因供应短缺和政府管理不善而受到阻碍。迄今为止,只有不到15%的人口至少接受了一针科罗纳瓦克、阿斯利康或辉瑞公司的疫苗注射。 针对格德斯的评论,中国驻巴西大使杨万明强调,"科罗纳瓦克占在巴西交付的疫苗的84%",中国是“疫苗和输入成分的主要供应商”。
Patent waivers will not ease vaccine shortfall, says BioNTech
BioNTech, which developed the mRNA technology that fuelled a Covid-19 vaccine partnership with Pfizer, said patent waivers would not ease current supply shortfalls and warned of risks in opening up manufacturing to producers with no mRNA experience. “Together with Pfizer, we are also working with various organisations to support the supply of vaccines to populations worldwide. And we will continue to provide low or lower middle income countries with our vaccine at a not-for-profit price,” the company said in a statement on Thursday. “However, patents are not the limiting factor for the production or supply of our vaccine ... The manufacturing process of mRNA is a complex process developed over more than a decade.” The company, whose joint venture with Pfizer brought the first messenger RNA-based vaccine to the market, argued that the technology required experienced staff, manufacturing processes, and stringent quality controls. Ugur Sahin, chief executive of the German biotech company, said last week that even if intellectual property rights were waived, it would take as long as a year to ensure safe manufacturing in other countries. He argued it made more sense for companies with the current knowhow and manufacturing networks to further boost production, and to work on licensing more manufacturing sites worldwide to produce the jab in the longer term. In BioNTech’s statement on Thursday, the company said manufacturing expansion needed more support from governments worldwide to improve infrastructure and logistics for supply lines, and to support lower and middle-income countries in developing manufacturing sites.
开发了mRNA技术、推动了与辉瑞公司的Covid-19疫苗合作的BioNTech公司说,专利豁免不会缓解目前的供应短缺,并警告说,向没有mRNA经验的生产商开放生产有风险。 "我们与辉瑞公司一起,也在与各种组织合作,支持向世界各地的人口供应疫苗。而且我们将继续以非营利性价格向低收入或中低收入国家提供我们的疫苗,"该公司在周四的一份声明中说。 "然而,专利并不是我们疫苗生产或供应的限制因素......。mRNA的制造过程是一个经过十多年发展的复杂过程"。 该公司与辉瑞公司的合资企业为市场带来了第一种基于信使RNA的疫苗,该公司认为该技术需要经验丰富的员工、制造工艺和严格的质量控制。 这家德国生物技术公司的首席执行官Ugur Sahin上周说,即使放弃知识产权,也需要长达一年的时间来确保在其他国家安全生产。 他认为,对于拥有现有技术和制造网络的公司来说,进一步提高产量,并致力于在全球范围内授权更多的制造基地,以长期生产这种刺青,更有意义。 在BioNTech周四的声明中,该公司表示,制造业的扩张需要世界各国政府的更多支持,以改善基础设施和供应线的物流,并支持中低收入国家发展生产基地。
Macron backs patent waiver for Covid vaccines
French president Emmanuel Macron has voiced his support for temporarily suspending patent protection for coronavirus vaccines, adding to the list of world leaders who have followed the US in backing the move. “I am totally favourable to opening up this intellectual property. I called for it a year ago,” Macron said in TV interview on Thursday. He stressed however that other factors beyond pricing and patents might prevent a quick increase in global vaccine production. “What is holding us back now is technology transfer and manufacturing capacity. You can transfer the intellectual property to pharma companies in Africa but they have no platform to make mRNA vaccines,” Macron said, adding that he nonetheless had “total support for this initiative”. “The vaccine must be a public good globally.”
法国总统埃马纽埃尔-马克龙表示支持暂时中止对冠状病毒疫苗的专利保护,这让跟随美国支持此举的世界领导人名单上又多了一个。 "我完全赞成开放这一知识产权。我在一年前就呼吁这样做,"马克龙在周四的电视采访中说。 然而,他强调,除了定价和专利之外,其他因素可能会阻碍全球疫苗产量的快速增长。 "现在阻碍我们的是技术转让和制造能力。你可以将知识产权转让给非洲的制药公司,但他们没有制造mRNA疫苗的平台,"马克龙说,并补充说他“完全支持这一倡议”。 “疫苗必须是全球的公共产品”。
Putin backs proposal to suspend patents on vaccines
Russian president Vladimir Putin has backed a proposal to temporarily suspend patent protection for coronavirus vaccines, hours after the Biden administration gave its support. US president Joe Biden’s top trade adviser said on Wednesday that it would support a proposal first made by the World Trade Organization to waive patent rules for Covid-19 vaccines. “There is an idea in Europe which, in my view, deserves attention, namely, to completely lift patent protection from coronavirus vaccines,” Putin said in a televised meeting on Thursday. “A pandemic is an emergency situation... No doubt, Russia would support such an approach,” he said, asking the country’s deputy prime minister to look into the matter.
俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔-普京支持一项暂停冠状病毒疫苗专利保护的提案,几个小时后拜登政府给予了支持。 美国总统乔-拜登的最高贸易顾问周三表示,它将支持世界贸易组织首先提出的免除冠状病毒-19疫苗的专利规则的建议。 "欧洲有一个想法,在我看来,值得关注,即完全取消冠状病毒疫苗的专利保护,"普京在周四的电视会议上说。 "大流行病是一种紧急情况......。毫无疑问,俄罗斯将支持这种做法,"他说,并要求该国的副总理研究这个问题。
Russia gives green light to single Sputnik V shot
俄罗斯为 "人造卫星 "五号的单一发射开了绿灯-|-俄罗斯允许发射一颗Sputnik V-|-俄罗斯为单身烟囱v射门提供绿灯
Russia has approved the use of a single shot of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in a step that should expand its availability. Injection with only the first of the two-dose vaccine showed efficacy of 79.4 per cent among Russians surveyed between December and August, the jab’s developer said. In a statement released on Thursday, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Kremlin sovereign wealth fund that is managing Sputnik V’s overseas sales, said that so-called Sputnik Light had also “proven effective against all new strains” of coronavirus. Sputnik Light has been suggested as a potential product to meet strong export demand for the Russian vaccine, which has been approved for use in more than 60 other countries.
俄罗斯已经批准使用其Sputnik V冠状病毒疫苗的单次注射,这一步应能扩大其可用性。 该疫苗的开发者说,在12月至8月期间接受调查的俄罗斯人中,仅注射两剂疫苗中的第一剂就显示出79.4%的疗效。 克里姆林宫主权财富基金管理Sputnik V的海外销售,俄罗斯直接投资基金在周四发表的一份声明中说,所谓的Sputnik Light也“被证明对所有新的冠状病毒菌株有效”。 斯普特尼克之光被认为是满足俄罗斯疫苗强劲出口需求的潜在产品,该疫苗已被批准在其他60多个国家使用。
US jobless claims fall below 500,000 in fresh pandemic-era low
New applications for unemployment benefits in the US fell below 500,000 to a fresh pandemic-era low last week, as the pace of lay-offs eased. The labour department reported on Thursday 498,000 initial jobless claims on a seasonally adjusted basis, compared with 590,000 the week before. It was a larger fall than anticipated, with economists looking for weekly claims of 540,000. The federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programme, which provides benefits to the self-employed and others who would not qualify for regular benefits, took in another 101,214 claimants, down from 121,414. Hiring has picked up since the end of 2020 amid looser coronavirus restrictions and a vaccination drive that has put almost 250m shots in the arms of Americans since December. The labour market has recovered nearly two-thirds of the number of jobs lost during the pandemic after adding 1.6m payrolls in the first three months of this year. Economists have forecast that hiring accelerated in April, estimating that the labour department will report on Friday that employment grew by 978,000. The number of Americans actively collecting state jobless benefits rose to 3.69m from 3.65m in the week that ended on April 24. The insured unemployment rate held steady at 2.6 per cent. All state and federal unemployment programmes had a combined 16.2m people claiming benefits, according to unadjusted figures that are reported on a two-week delay.
由于裁员速度放缓,美国上周新申请的失业救济金人数降至50万以下,创下大流行时期的新低。 劳工部周四报告称,经季节性调整后的初次申请失业救济人数为49.8万,而前一周为59万。跌幅大于预期,经济学家预计每周申请人数为54万。 联邦大流行失业援助计划为自营职业者和其他没有资格获得常规福利的人提供福利,该计划又接收了101,214名申请者,低于121,414人。 自2020年底以来,由于冠状病毒的限制更加宽松,以及自12月以来将近2.5亿支疫苗注射到美国人怀中的疫苗接种运动,招聘工作有所回升。 劳动力市场在今年前三个月增加了160万个工作岗位后,已经恢复了大流行期间损失的近三分之二的工作岗位。经济学家预测,4月份的招聘速度加快,估计劳工部将在周五报告就业人数增长978,000。 在截至4月24日的一周内,积极领取国家失业救济金的美国人从365万人上升到369万人。投保的失业率稳定在2.6%。 根据延迟两周报告的未经调整的数字,所有州和联邦的失业计划总共有1620万人申请福利。
Regeneron’s Covid drug sales hit $262m in first quarter
Regeneron reported a 38 per cent increase in first quarter revenues as sales of its Covid-19 antibody treatment hit $262m as the company benefited from the need for coronavirus treatments despite the mass rollout of vaccines. The New York-based company said revenues rose to $2.5bn in the first three months of the year, up from $1.8bn in the same quarter a year ago. Regeneron’s antibody drug has shown to reduce the risk of symptomatic illness by 81 per cent for household members who have been in contact with an infected person. The antibody cocktail was hailed by former US President Donald Trump as a cure for his coronavirus last year and is authorised for use in people with mild to moderate symptoms and those facing a high risk of developing severe illness. Diluted earnings per share were $9.89, above analysts’ expectations of $8.74. Regeneron’s shares rose 1 per cent in pre-market trading.
Regeneron公司报告说,由于其Covid-19抗体治疗的销售额达到了2.62亿美元,该公司第一季度的收入增长了38%,因为尽管疫苗的大规模推广,该公司仍受益于对冠状病毒治疗的需求。 这家总部位于纽约的公司表示,今年前三个月的收入上升到25亿美元,高于去年同期的18亿美元。 Regeneron公司的抗体药物显示,与感染者接触过的家庭成员患症状性疾病的风险降低了81%。 这种抗体鸡尾酒去年被美国前总统唐纳德-特朗普誉为治疗其冠状病毒的良药,并被授权用于有轻度至中度症状的人和面临严重疾病的高风险人群。 稀释后的每股收益为9.89美元,高于分析师预期的8.74美元。Regeneron公司的股票在盘前交易中上涨了1%。
Turkey’s central bank holds interest rate at 19% after inflation picks up
Turkey’s central bank has left its benchmark interest unchanged after inflation hit its highest rate in two years, pledging to keep monetary policy tight while signalling it could ease up when price rises begin to slow. The monetary policy committee left its key one-week repo rate at 19 per cent, as had been expected by economists polled by Bloomberg and Reuters. It was the committee’s second meeting chaired by governor Sahap Kavcioglu, who took over in March. Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sacked Kavcioglu’s predecessor after he raised rates more than expected to rein in double-digit inflation. Kavcioglu, a former newspaper columnist, has written in support of an unorthodox economic view — embraced by Erdogan — that higher interest rates drive, rather than slow, inflation. The lira has slumped 13 per cent since Kavcioglu became governor amid fears about the bank’s independence. The governor has pledged to retain tight monetary policy until inflation slows to the bank’s target of 5 per cent. Consumer prices rose for the seventh month in a row in April to 17.4 per cent, yet Kavcioglu said last week that inflation had now peaked. Jason Tuvey, economist at Capital Economics, wrote in a note: “As inflation starts to drop back over the coming months, we suspect that the central bank will begin cutting rates to appease President Erdogan.” In a statement after the rate-setting meeting, the committee said the coronavirus pandemic and the progress of Turkey’s vaccination rollout presented risks to the economy. About 12 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated, and the health minister has warned that supply constraints are a problem, forcing the government to introduce a nationwide lockdown to curb record numbers of cases.
土耳其中央银行在通货膨胀率达到两年来的最高水平后,将其基准利息保持不变,承诺保持货币政策的紧缩,同时表明当价格上涨开始放缓时,它可以放松。 货币政策委员会将其关键的一周回购利率保持在19%,正如接受彭博社和路透社调查的经济学家所预期的那样。 这是由3月份上任的行长Sahap Kavcioglu主持的委员会第二次会议。土耳其总统雷杰普-塔伊普-埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)在卡夫乔格卢的前任为控制两位数的通货膨胀而提高利率超过预期后,解雇了他。 卡夫乔格鲁曾是报纸专栏作家,他曾撰文支持一种非正统的经济观点-------。 埃尔多安所接受的非正统的经济观点,即较高的利率会推动而不是减缓通货膨胀。 自卡夫乔格鲁担任行长以来,里拉已经下滑了13%,因为人们担心银行的独立性。该行长承诺,在通胀率放缓至该行5%的目标之前,将保持紧缩的货币政策。 4月份消费者价格连续第七个月上涨,达到17.4%,然而卡夫乔格鲁上周说,通货膨胀现在已经达到顶峰。 凯投宏观的经济学家Jason Tuvey在一份说明中写道:"随着通货膨胀在未来几个月开始回落,我们怀疑央行将开始降息以安抚埃尔多安总统。" 在利率制定会议后的一份声明中,该委员会表示,冠状病毒大流行和土耳其疫苗接种推广的进展给经济带来了风险。 大约12%的人口已经完全接种疫苗,卫生部长警告说,供应紧张是一个问题,迫使政府在全国范围内实行封锁,以遏制创纪录的病例数量。
Moderna reports $1.7bn in Covid vaccine sales
Moderna reported its first ever quarterly profit and sold $1.7bn worth of Covid-19 vaccines in the first three months of the year as the company said it would apply to US health agencies for full approval of its jab this month. The drugmaker said total revenues surged to $1.9bn in the first quarter as it sold 102m doses of its coronavirus vaccine. It reported net income of $1.2bn compared with a loss of $124m in the same period a year ago. Moderna reported earnings as the pharmaceutical sector reeled from the US government’s decision on Wednesday to support the temporary suspension of vaccine patent waivers. The move has been opposed by many in the pharmaceutical industry who have said waiving intellectual property rights for coronavirus jabs sets a dangerous precedent and risks halting innovation in the sector. Moderna’s shares were down 6 per cent in pre-market trading. The company also said results from its phase 2/3 vaccine trial on children aged 12-17 showed 96 per cent efficacy. The trial on 3,235 participants elicited no serious side effects and its results came as countries seek to expand their vaccine programmes to younger age groups. The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine jab was authorised for use on 12-15 year olds in Canada on Wednesday. Moderna is likely to benefit from the need for booster shots to tackle emerging variants of coronavirus in years to come which can be more transmissible. A new variant has fuelled a disastrous wave of the virus in India which has pushed the country’s case toll beyond 20m and health systems to the brink of collapse. A single booster shot in people who are already vaccinated is effective against the original virus and the variants first detected in South Africa and Brazil, the company said, increasing antibodies present in the blood. The company said it has so far signed vaccine contracts worth an expected $19.2bn in total revenues for 2021 and that it expects to deliver up to 250m doses in the second quarter. The Massachusetts-based company said it would initiate submission to US health agencies for full approval of its coronavirus vaccine this month.
Moderna报告了其有史以来的首个季度利润,并在今年前三个月售出了价值17亿美元的Covid-19疫苗,该公司表示它将在本月向美国卫生机构申请全面批准其疫苗。 这家制药商说,第一季度的总收入激增至19亿美元,因为它售出了1.02亿剂量的冠状病毒疫苗。它报告的净收入为12亿美元,而去年同期的亏损为1.24亿美元。 Moderna公司报告了盈利情况,因为美国政府周三决定支持暂时中止疫苗专利豁免,制药行业因此受到冲击。此举遭到了制药业许多人的反对,他们说放弃冠状病毒疫苗的知识产权是一个危险的先例,有可能使该行业的创新停止。 Moderna的股票在盘前交易中下跌了6%。 该公司还表示,其针对12-17岁儿童的2/3期疫苗试验结果显示出96%的疗效。对3235名参与者进行的试验没有引起严重的副作用,其结果是在各国寻求将其疫苗计划扩大到更小的年龄组时出现的。周三,BioNTech/辉瑞公司的疫苗针剂在加拿大被授权用于12-15岁的人群。 Moderna可能会受益于对加强注射的需求,以应对未来几年新出现的冠状病毒变种,这些变种可能更具传播性。一个新的变种助长了印度的灾难性病毒潮,使该国的病例数超过2000万,卫生系统处于崩溃的边缘。 该公司说,对已经接种疫苗的人进行一次强化注射,对原始病毒和在南非和巴西首次发现的变种有效,可以增加血液中的抗体。 该公司表示,到目前为止,它已经签署了价值192亿美元的疫苗合同,预计2021年的总收入将达到192亿美元,并预计在第二季度交付多达2.5亿剂的疫苗。 这家位于马萨诸塞州的公司表示,它将在本月开始向美国卫生机构提交冠状病毒疫苗的全面批准。
Bank of England keeps rates on hold and revises up economic forecasts
The Bank of England revised up its economic forecasts on Thursday, rendering the possibility that it will set a negative interest rate this year as a remote prospect after its Monetary Policy Committee meeting. Voting unanimously to hold interest rates at the historic low of 0.1 per cent there was a surprise dissent from chief economist Andy Haldane in the total amount of quantitative easing he preferred. While eight of the nine committee members voted to maintain the stock of money to be created in order to buy assets at £895bn by the end of this year, he preferred to limit the size to £845bn. The committee revised up its 2021 economic growth forecast to 7.25 per cent in the May monetary policy report, from 5 per cent in its predictions three months ago. Some of this more rapid recovery was likely to lead to a slower expansion in 2022, the MPC said, revising down its expectation of growth next year to 5.75 per cent from 7.25 per cent in the February forecasts. Inflation would stay under control even with the better outlook, the bank said, partly because it based its new forecasts on market expectations that it would raise interest rates earlier, damping the bounce back in economic activity. Read more here.
英国央行周四修改了其经济预测,使其在货币政策委员会会议后将今年设定负利率的可能性变得渺茫。 委员会一致投票决定将利率维持在0.1%的历史低点,但首席经济学家Andy Haldane对他所倾向的量化宽松政策的总量提出了意外的异议。 虽然9名委员会成员中的8名投票赞成在今年年底前将为购买资产而创造的货币存量维持在8950亿英镑,但他倾向于将规模限制在8450亿英镑。 委员会在5月的货币政策报告中把2021年的经济增长预测从三个月前预测的5%上调到7.25%。 货币政策委员会说,这种更快速的复苏有可能导致2022年的扩张放缓,并将明年的增长预期从2月预测的7.25%下调至5.75%。 该银行说,即使前景更好,通货膨胀也将保持在控制之下,部分原因是它的新预测是基于市场对它将提前加息的预期,抑制经济活动的反弹。 在此阅读更多信息。
Insurance executives voice optimism they are over worst of pandemic losses
Insurance companies have voiced optimism that they may be over the worst of the pandemic after they incurred billions of dollars worth of payouts for business interruption, event cancellation and other claims arising from the crisis. Presenting first-quarter earnings in recent days, executives from several leading insurers and reinsurers said they were optimistic that the impact of Covid — which has also triggered a surge in payouts on life policies — should ease as vaccines are rolled out. Hannover Re, which this week reported a €151m hit from Covid at its life and health business, told investors that increased immunisation meant pandemic-related losses should “start to recede appreciably” from the second quarter onwards. Michel Khalaf, chief executive of US life insurer MetLife, similarly said that “we believe the worst impact of the pandemic on our business performance is behind us”. Swiss Re also raised analyst hopes last week that its Covid-related losses should diminish over the rest of the year. Munich Re on Thursday reported another €270m in Covid-related reinsurance losses. Christoph Jurecka, chief financial officer, said the pandemic “has been testing our solidarity and self-discipline every day”. He said the success of vaccination campaigns, and surges of the virus in India and Brazil, were factors in whether total Covid losses will stay within its expectations for the year. US winter storms have vied for recent investor attention, in terms of financial damage done to the sector. Munich Re’s natural catastrophe losses from the storms in the quarter totalled €450m.
保险公司已经表示乐观,他们可能已经度过了这场大流行病的最糟糕时期,此前他们因这场危机而产生了价值数十亿美元的业务中断、活动取消和其他索赔。 最近几天,几家领先的保险公司和再保险公司的高管在介绍第一季度的收益时说,他们对Covid的影响表示乐观--这也引发了人寿保险赔付的激增--随着疫苗的推出,这种影响应该会缓解。 汉诺威再保险公司本周报告了其人寿和健康业务因Covid而受到的1.51亿欧元的冲击,该公司告诉投资者,免疫的增加意味着与大流行病有关的损失应从第二季度起“开始明显消退”。 美国人寿保险公司MetLife的首席执行官Michel Khalaf同样表示,“我们相信大流行病对我们业务表现的最坏影响已经过去”。瑞士再保险公司上周也提高了分析师的希望,即其与Covid有关的损失应在今年剩余时间内减少。 慕尼黑再保险公司周四报告了与Covid有关的另外2.7亿欧元的再保险损失。首席财务官Christoph Jurecka说,这种大流行病“每天都在考验我们的团结和自律”。 他说,疫苗接种活动的成功,以及印度和巴西的病毒激增,是Covid今年的总损失是否会保持在其预期之内的因素。 就对该行业造成的财务损失而言,美国冬季风暴争夺了近期投资者的注意力。慕尼黑再保险公司本季度因风暴造成的自然巨灾损失总额为4.5亿欧元。
Covid offers ‘step change’ for employment flexibility, says Radisson boss
雷迪森老板说,Covid为就业的灵活性提供了“阶梯式的改变”-|-雷迪森的老板说,新冠肺炎疫情为就业提供了“步骤变化”-|-Radisson Boss表示,Covid为就业灵活性提供“步骤改变”
The chief executive of the Radisson hotel chain believes that the pandemic has led to a “step change” in the need for flexibility in employment, which will have long-term consequences. There will have to be more flexibility “not only in how people need to be open to doing different jobs, but also how we need to enable those employees to be able to do different jobs in different moments”, Federico González said at the Financial Times Global Boardroom virtual summit. He gave the example of a hotel working at reduced capacity, where a single member of staff might have to work in different departments. González was talking at a panel on post-pandemic employment, alongside Saadia Zahidi of the World Economic Forum and Carl Benedikt Frey from the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. Employers around the world have switched to remote working where possible during the pandemic, and many are expecting only a partial return to offices or other workplaces once coronavirus restrictions are lifted. But Frey argued that businesses need to think carefully about which tasks are done where: “Lots can clearly be done remotely, but the question coming out of this pandemic is what should be done remotely and who should come into the office. “At the beginning of a project when you want to explore ideas, you really benefit from sporadic interactions and those can’t really happen digitally,” he said, adding that remote working was more suitable for people executing existing projects. Zahidi argued that the move to flexible working would create “massive co-ordination problems” as people adapt to different ways of working, and that governments have a role to pay in helping people to retrain and reskill. The Global Boardroom is running for the rest of the day. Highlights later include Glencore chief executive Ivan Glasenberg talking about the commodities cycle and Twitter’s chief human resources officer Jennifer Christie discussing the future of offices
雷迪森连锁酒店的首席执行官认为,这种大流行病导致就业中对灵活性的需求发生了“阶梯式变化”,这将产生长期影响。 Federico González在《金融时报》全球董事会虚拟峰会上说,必须有更多的灵活性,"不仅是人们需要对做不同的工作持开放态度,而且我们还需要使这些员工能够在不同的时刻做不同的工作"。 他举例说,一家酒店在减少容量的情况下工作,一名员工可能不得不在不同的部门工作。 冈萨雷斯是在一个关于大流行病后的就业问题的小组会议上发言的,与他一起发言的还有世界经济论坛的萨迪亚-扎西迪和牛津大学马丁学院的卡尔-贝内迪克特-弗雷。 世界各地的雇主在大流行期间已经尽可能地改用远程工作,许多人预计一旦冠状病毒限制解除,他们只能部分返回办公室或其他工作场所。 但弗雷认为,企业需要仔细考虑哪些任务在哪里完成。"很多事情显然可以远程完成,但这次大流行的问题是什么应该远程完成,谁应该到办公室来。 他说:"在项目开始时,当你想探索想法时,你真的从零星的互动中受益,而这些不能真正以数字方式发生,"他补充说,远程工作更适合于执行现有项目的人。 扎西迪认为,随着人们适应不同的工作方式,向灵活工作的转变将产生“巨大的协调问题”,政府在帮助人们进行再培训和再技能方面应发挥作用。 全球董事会议室将在今天的其余时间进行。稍后的亮点包括Glencore首席执行官Ivan Glasenberg谈论商品周期,以及Twitter的首席人力资源官Jennifer Christie讨论办公室的未来。
Pfizer/BioNTech to give jabs to Olympic athletes to ensure games go ahead
Pfizer and BioNTech will donate their Covid-19 vaccine to Olympic athletes ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games as part of efforts to ensure the event is safe and goes ahead on schedule in July. The vaccine makers signed a deal with the International Olympic Committee to vaccinate the competitors and their delegations from the end of May, with the aim that they receive their second shots before they arrive in Tokyo. Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s chief executive, originally offered the doses in a conversation with Suga Yoshihide, Japan’s prime minister. Under the plan, which does not specify the number of doses donated, states will decide whether to offer the doses to their national teams and vaccination will not be mandatory. Thomas Bach, IOC president, said it was also an opportunity for the athletes to “lead by example”. “By taking the vaccine, they can send a powerful message that vaccination is not only about personal health, but also about solidarity and consideration of the wellbeing of others in their communities,” he said.
辉瑞公司和BioNTech公司将在东京奥运会前向奥运会运动员捐赠他们的Covid-19疫苗,作为确保赛事安全并在7月如期举行的努力的一部分。 疫苗制造商与国际奥委会签署了一项协议,从5月底开始为选手及其代表团接种疫苗,目的是让他们在抵达东京之前接受第二针。 辉瑞公司的首席执行官Albert Bourla最初在与日本首相菅义伟的谈话中提出了这些剂量。根据该计划,各国将决定是否向其国家队提供这些剂量,而且疫苗接种将不是强制性的。 国际奥委会主席托马斯-巴赫说,这也是一个让运动员 "以身作则 "的机会。 "他说:"通过接种疫苗,他们可以发出一个强有力的信息,即接种疫苗不仅关系到个人健康,而且关系到团结和考虑社区中其他人的福祉。



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